Google event Lx, November 10, 2017
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" The best core knowledge - which can’t be taught - comes from working on something of your own, by doing and share it in a network / collective interaction environment & collaborative communities --> a side project from your main job to fuel your passion while learning something new. "

I usually go on events and Meeting Groups on my own initiative , to perceive and learn new challenging ways to improve my programming skills and share goals or common purpose, with a focus on the community rather than the individual. One of these events was Google Group Lx - - a 3 days event - where I brought together my classmates of Computer Science to participate in a coding workshop. I interacted with participants sharing contacts and knowledge. The purpose was to learn about the latest technologies and understand how industry is adapting, innovating or growing and incentive opportunities between participants to be part of future events - developing awareness or experience with some of the emerging technologies.

Creating VR content, 360 video Ads, A.I and deep learning , were issues discussed at the Google event Lx . Besides the breakthrough advances in science, technology, and philosophy — Tecnology tools / process improvement, that require detailed amount of time, ethics , resources, and budget discussions are whether done through big data analysis or in combination with machine learning methods, included subjects such as cybernetics, Network infrastructure - the backbone for all wired or wireless communication; bio-engineering, nanotechnology, IOT architectures; machine intelligence, synthetic biology or transhumanism - Flipping bits into molecules , shifting atoms - DNA data storage breakthroughs — From the tactile mirror to the virtual body : mapping territories on packages to people - through media forensics, privacy and security surveillance reform ( trust, integrity, reliability-resiliency, authenticity, compliance ) and cryptography, encryption .


"In Vain have you acquired knowledge if you have not imparted it to others." Deuteronomy Rabbah

As information exchange is increasingly happening online and optimized through interconnected technologies that business prosper, the trade-offs between the central principles and values were discussed: focused on how Tech resources could be used for the benefit of society to improve collective sustainable ecosystems - able to create systems that enforce and guarantee the rights that are necessary to maintain a free and open society . Ecosystems can be symbiotic or parasitic : ecological relationship cocreate value, capable of shaping the market ; wherever economics serve the people and not otherwise -bridging the 'discursive gap' between policy text and practice ( unleashing social innovation for societal benefit ) . On the one hand, there is a wide gap between the pace of law and technology - on the other, there are also different types of Democracy and interpretation views.
When the physicist Stephen Hawking told an audience in Portugal during a talk at the Web Summit technology conference in Lisbon, Portugal, in which he said, “computers can, in theory, emulate human intelligence, and exceed it.” he was alerting that AI’s impact could be cataclysmic unless its rapid development is strictly and ethically controlled: “Unless we learn how to prepare for, and avoid, the potential risks,” he explained, “AI could be the worst event in the history of our civilization.” Hawking explained that to avoid this potential reality, creators of AI need to “employ best practice and effective management.” - "Is Your AI Ethical? " - Responsible A.I. Has a Bias Problem, and Only Humans Can Make It a Thing of the Past: As more company’s adopt A.I., more issues will surely come to the forefront. Many business are already working toward making changes that will stop A.I. problems before they go any further. It relies on several key technologies, such as machine learning, natural language processing, rule-based expert systems, neural networks, deep learning, physical robots, and robotic process automation. Some AI applications have moved beyond task automation but still fall well short of context awareness. Responsible AI is defined as the integration of ethical and responsible use of AI into the strategic implementation and business planning process: transparent and accountable AI solutions that create better service provision. Such solutions harness, deploy, evaluate and monitor AI machines, thus helping to maintain individual trust and minimize privacy invasion. “As A.I. systems get more sophisticated and start to play a larger role in people’s lives, it’s imperative for business to develop and adopt clear principles that guide the people building, using and applying A.I.” ; “We need to ensure systems working in high-stakes areas such as autonomous driving and health care will behave safely and in a way that reflects human values.”

The event held the debate on major technological forces , currently driving to digital disruption on the medium Cloud, Social Movements (power of transmission and repetition of the message) on mobile, Big Data and IoT, are Transforming Physical Security in the Digital Age - In a world where Citizens are not products, clients or customers - rather reshape public human rights , and the Economy represents a tool we humans invented - like democracy and politics - to help govern our relationships between each other - ourselves with nature and the world we live in. If these tools aren't getting the outcomes that make us happy, safe, healthy, better educated and protecting / preparing our country for an increasingly uncertain future , as quality of life is stagnating; unfair , jobs and health education Systems, regardless of how much money you have or where you live; while our environment is suffering, then it's time our economic tools change to embrace transformative policies that reprioritise our investments. However, the use of AI within many industries, from banking to finance, manufacturing to operations, retail to supply chain - changed the way industries operate. In social media environments - digital marketers, created a new way to connect and engage with the target audience or media marketing performance. In oposition, it raised ethical concerns and eventually carries the risk of attracting consumers’ distrust - extracting harmful marketing appeals, lack of transparency, information leakage and identity thef. Developing AI solutions should consider human rights, fairness, inclusion, employment and equality can lead to potential gains in credibility for products and brands - ensure brand safety and protect consumers from fraud and the dissemination of fake information, thus increasing customer trust towards brands. Recognizing the value of sensitive data and the harm that could be caused if certain data were to fall into the hands of the wrong parties, many governments and industries have established laws and compliance standards by which sensitive data must be Pseudonymized or Anonymized. Europe is putting pressure on internet companies like Facebook and Google to safeguard against hate speech, trolling, cyber-bullying, fake news, sex traffickers online and terrorist activities online. The GDPR (general data protection regulations act - OM MAY 4 2020) passed by the parliament of the EU aims to safeguard the data privacy rights of its citizens. While the act combined with the EU court’s “Right to be forgotten” judgment has set precedence in the way companies handle the data of their consumers. Individuals now have the "right of data portability", the "right of data access" along with the "right to be forgotten" and can withdraw their consent whenever they want , as well as intrusive online brand presence.

" Social media marketing is in transition as AI and analytics have the potential to liberate the power of social media data and optimize the customer experience and journey. Widespread access to consumer- generated information on social media, along with appropriate use of AI, have brought positive impacts to individuals, organisations, industries and society " (Cohen, 2018).

-- Considering the conscious principles of compromise, chain potentially relevant questions about General Data Protection Regulations :: " How are organisations ensuring that the content posted by staff and consumers does not compromise the ethical principles of the brand - managing their social media presence in line with data protection and privacy regulations ? What do you need to protect : on whatever occasion the adversary gains access to information that is sensitive to you? What are the risks of compromise and how to mitigate them ? What practices and mechanisms can enable firms to cultivate an ethical culture of AI use / How can digital marketing professionals ensure that they utilize AI to deliver value to the target customers with an ethical mindset? "

Examples of Seeking capital - information, social, and cultural Individuals - are applied whenever companies join uses of artificial intelligence for recruitment or machine-learning systems like In the process of seeking various types of capital through digital marketing platforms, consumers experience both positive (benefits) and negative (costs ) effects. The velocity of information flow, volume of information shared, network clusters and cross-posts on different social media may be analyzed and compared for negative and positive electronic word-of-mouth. These intra-interaction consequences such as consumers’ cognitive, emotional, and behavioral engagement with the brand thus trigger extra-interaction consequences of brand trust and attitude thus developing brand equity through the DCM strategy.

This often leads to confusion ( 'discursive gap' ) about when and how to deploy what information technology, to maximize value creation opportunities during stages of the customer journey - as it usually questions: " What is the interplay between customer traits (e.g. innovativeness, brand involvement, technology readiness) and attributes of technological platforms in this process? What firm capabilities are required to capture, manage and exploit these innovation opportunities from customers to gain a deeper understanding of them?" ---- Since There are different Types of Data: Nominal, Ordinal, Discrete, Continuous, Interval and Ratio scale -- The Netflix’s dynamic optimizer example, attempts to improve the quality of compressed video, but gathers data - initially from human viewers - and uses it to train an algorithm to make future choices about video transmission, with the aim to deliver personalized and targeted experiences to multiscreen audiences to keep them coming back - .

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AI is progressing in Broadcast & Media, through some mainstream applications , to uncover patterns that aren’t always intuitive to human perception and able to change consumer behaviours - the two most viewer-centric applications would be on content discovery and content personalization : Netflix’s new AI tweaks each scene individually to make video look good even on slow internet - It also tracks the movies we watch, our searches, ratings, when we watch, where we watch, what devices we use, and more. In addition to machine data, Netflix algorithms churn through massive amounts of movie data that is derived from large groups of trained movie taggers ; Google Is Using Artificial Intelligence to Make Sure YouTube Content Safer for Brands . It uses Deep learning, to build artificial neural networks to mimic the way organic(living) brains sort or process information, applying AI in a number of areas.

Many data analysis, big data, and machine learning projects require scraping websites to gather the data for further analyze : “A CDP is a technology that collects data in a governed way from sources like web, mobile, in store, call center, and IoT, unifies it to create accurate customer profiles in real time, then makes it accessible to and actionable for other tools and technology.” ---- The Python programming language is widely used in the data science community, and therefore has an ecosystem of modules and tools : Beautiful Soup module / Selenium / pandas - turn the unstructured data on the web into machine readable, structured data which is ready for analysis ---- While interactive and responsive chart types tools starting as xls / cvs Excel files , transfered to tableau software , range from simple bars and lines to arrow, range and scatter plots , help into creating data analysis, from locator maps to thematic choropleth & symbol maps. Some good examples of data scrapping / web scraping are: News articles; Sports scores ; Weather forecasts; Stock prices; and Online retailer prices. Apps in Google Maps  with AI-enable mapping search / scans road information, using algorithms to determine the optimal route to take on foot , a car, bike, bus or train. Google Maps — especially Google Earth are low-level graphics API like WebGL interact with 3D content on a website and mobile devices using JavaScript binding to access the GPU. The WebGL API — especially shader programming in the Graphics Library Shader Language (GLSL).

App Engine is part of Google Cloud Platform runtime environments for applications, - one for each of four programming languages: Java, Python, PHP, and Go - designed to host applications with many simultaneous users. An application, written for App Engine, can serve many simultaneous users without degrading performance, as it scales automatically ; a suite of services for running scalable applications, performing large amounts of computational work, and storing, using,and analyzing large amounts of data - Google Cloud Platform offers several kinds of data storage you can use with an AppEngine app, including a relational database (Google Cloud SQL). Most scalable apps use Google Cloud Datastore, or as it is known to App Engine veterans, simply “the datastore.”. The features of the platform work together to host applications efficiently and effectively, at minimal cost.
With indexes and optimistic concurrency control, Cloud Datastore is designed forapplications that need to read data quickly, ensure that the data it sees is in a consistent form, and scale the number of users and the size of the data automatically. App Engine’s specific role on the platform is to host web applications and scale them automatically. Using the other services of the platform as needed, especially for data storage. Each Google account can own or be a member of up to 25 Cloud projects. A Cloudproject has exactly one App Engine “app,”. A project includes all of the Cloud resources for a major application . That said, having multiple projects for different purposes is often useful just to keepthings organized. Each project has its own billing configuration and list of contributors. A single company that produces multiple web products might have one projectper product. If 25 projects per account is a burden in your case, Google offers more apps with theirpaid support programs. You can create an app by using the free limits without setting up a billing account. Free apps never incur charges, but are constrained by the free quotas. --- Understand data store models : Generally, it's wiser to start by considering which storage model is best suited for the project requirements: to choose from among SQL and NoSQL databases. Then consider a particular data store within that category, based on factors such as feature set, cost, and ease of management. Polyglot persistence is used to describe solutions that use a mix of data store technologies. A datastore is the storage repository for virtual machines and their data. A datastore can be either a NetworkFile System (NFS) or Virtual Machine File System (VMFS). Cisco UCS Director provides a task library tocreate datastores from physical storage. You can add, delete, and scale clusters. Therefore, it's important to understand the main storage models and their tradeoffs.
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On a technical level, Google Analytics works through JavaScript tags that run in your website’s source code and is usually operated with Google Tag Manager - – these JavaScript tags running Google Analytics set cookies on their browsers that harvest personal and sometimes sensitive data from them in return. The question arises : " Is Google Analytics GDPR compliant to use? How do you balance Google Analytics, cookies and end-user consent on your website?" Google Tag Manager is a hugely popular tool for websites of any size and shape. It organizes all third-party tags on your website (like Google Analytics or Facebook pixels), and it also controls when these are triggered. Important for website owners to know, is that almost all of such “third party tags” will set cookies that, according to EU law (the GDPR), fall into categories that require the explicit prior consent of your users. In other words, tags are what happens, while triggers are when what happens. Inceptionv3 is a convolutional neural network for assisting in image analysis and object detection, and got its start as a module for Googlenet — especially shader programming in the Graphics Library Shader Language (GLSL). RESEARCH COLLECTION | 2020 : Connect Google Analytics to Google Data Studio

Besides the platform alternatives such as Supabase ; Heroku ; Netlify ; Pythonanywhere ; AWS Amplify ; Back4app ; Parse ; Kinvey ; Backendless - Some Key Features of Firebase as a platform provided by Google integrates open-source tools in real-time that enable the developers to test Machine Learning components, launch, analyze and distribute apps or database storage for various platforms such as IoT, iOS, web, and Android without hassle-free scalability - They accelerate app development and scale them easily without investing in infrastructure : offering some perspectives on Baas ( backend as a service) . It takes care of cloud infrastructure and all the backend needs that lets you develop and deploy faster products, such as Realtime Database, Cloud Firestore, and Authentication. It also allows hosting and offers API's for machine learning tasks like text recognition, image labelling and so much more. Nowadays, there are tools like PlugXR - A Cloud-based Augmented Reality platform without the need of code , that allows developers to create their own face filters, for example the Firebase ML Kit. With Firebase - an app dev platform built on the Google Cloud Platform providing services and cross-platform SDKs - it is possible to detect the positions of eyes, mouth, nose, and contours. Such data can then be used to place a 3D mesh with proper graphics over the camera image.

IoT and M2M ( Machine-to-Machine ) Data Analysis , feature extraction, stratified sampling, data integration, normalization , web scraping, pattern recognition - through open source software environments, such as SQLite and R - are system service system that concurrently satisfy three requirements: massive data analysis, real-time data analysis, and deep data analysis for extract challenges of the future. As well as they Impulse tools to interact with emerging Tecnologies , including SceneKit, Firebase ML Kit, ARCore, RTDB Additionally, some technologies aren’t compatible with each other, so it's important to check the existing systems. In response to predictive analitics - including big data, data mining, statistical modeling, machine learning and assorted mathematical processes. Organizations use predictive analytics to sift through current and historical data to detect trends and forecast events and conditions that should occur at a specific time, based on supplied parameters - to find and exploit patterns contained within data in order to detect risks and opportunities - - new tools have emerged, such as # Anonymized data # can provide you with useful insights - into user behavior. GDPR restrictions on the collection and use of personal data mean that many analytics users are asking themselves: " Can I do useful analytics without personal data? - Analytics without personal data – a long history and a promising future - "

In 2015, the open sourced TensorFlow machine learning and deep learning-focused programming platform , allowed anyone to develop neural network-based solutions using the same technology they use - were the servers can be segmented and analyzed for content and context and Finding new ways to reduce the latency ( Google Video Intelligence Analyzes Images in Video ) ; AI disruption in TV and Broadcasting revolutionized the Cloud opening up video analytics to new audiences, such as IBM Research Takes Watson to Hollywood with the First “Cognitive Movie Trailer” ; Content Discovery and Personalization content , based on user information, preferences, watch history, and context - viewing recommendations based on previously viewed or searched videos; Ad Targeting / Filtering - uses AI to ensure if content is "safe" and not offensive / filters ads and protect the brands of advertisers / sorts ad priorities or themes / Geo-targeting is used as a way to restrict ad audience to a certain geographic area or regionally direct message to maximize ad efficacy by location ( zipcode / city or country).  ; Content Clustering and Metadata Building - recognizes images from live or recorded videos can lead to metadata tags or descriptive information of a movie or a program beyond its usual essential attributes (genre, idioms, credit ) : building Datasets from image recognition , cluster content by context that result from advances in learning algorithms (such as deep learning), computer hardware, and, less-intuitively, the availability of high-quality training datasets ; Voice-assisted Content Search & Playback - personal assistants like Siri and Alexa ; Content Curation through Audience or Scene Recognition / computer vision - through the use of the camera , determine content according to pre-built assumptions or carefully analyzed audience data ; Cognitive analysis - that looks deeply into individual viewer consumption habits or even emotions, and then predict intent, tailor content selection, or even produce unique real-time content ; Network Optimization - analyzes available bandwidth and delivering the best balance between video quality and streaming bandwidth ; Time optimization of codecs, network paths and data transfers, all to minimize the amount of data and time to reach a viewer while ensuring optimum video quality .  So has The “internet of things” (IoT) , connected cars  and wearable computing (Fitbit, Samsung Gear , Garmin) increased the level of interest and the volume / variety of data - about what is happening across vast and complex human and machine/device networks - such as wearables ( internet-connected fabrics) , eyewear and smartwatch projects ; pair of sunglasses that projects holographic icons; smartwatch that has a digital screen but analog hands; temporary tattoo that, when applied to your skin, transforms your body into a living touchpad (concept is similar to braille); virtual reality controller that lets you pick up objects in digital worlds and feel their weight as you swing them . In the long run, Wearable computing - technology products ranging home automation , such as smart watches, machinery-gadget sensors, smart shirts, belts, contact lenses, and more - is the paradigm that entails lightweight, miniature computers that are worn much like clothing such that the user and the computer can interact at any time, as needed. — There has been a surge of interest in self-driving cars due to breakthroughs of deep learning - deep neural networks that are trained to perform tasks that typically require human intervention. CNN’s apply models to identify patterns and features in images, making them useful in the field of Computer Vision - such as image classification or image captioning by a simulated car in order to drive the car autonomously where CNN learns features from the images and generates steering predictions allowing the car to drive without a human . Cars can be connected as well it provides some communication interface and a browser that can access other resources. The same principle can be applied to smart watches and other interactive devices that adhere to the same model - connectivity protocol - an interface that allow to interact / communicate with the other devices in the same environment, as they share storage available for storing and retrieving information.

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Generally speaking: Computer technology and programming languages are different things. The industry does not move that fast, trends make it appear that way, but generally, not much in programming changed . There might be awfull lot of languages, though the concepts are pretty similar : # Windows 10 Universal? It's C# and XAML, which has been around for ages. # Cloud services? It's just another name for SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) or SaaS (Software as a Service) and been around for literally decades. # Android? It's Linux and Java, Linux is a copy of something decades old, and Java has been around forever too. The actual art of programming revolves around understanding computer architectures and operating systems, writing algorithms managing different data structures, optimizing for performance and stability. As long as you’ve spent enough time building production code, in at least a couple different programming languages, switching to a new one becomes very common. All the top software companies, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, etc., have mature codebases measured in millions of lines of code. A new employee, no matter how experienced, will take a while to get familiar enough with the codebase to be productive. They will take even longer to become an expert.

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This means that new players have inserted themselves into the value chain, while hundred billion lines of new software code are added to the existing digital infrastructure of our world. So, I also personally think that a hybrid solution is an optimal answer in many software-related cases as the web development industry is currently going into a hybrid phase as well, with Server-Side Rendering (SSR) and Incremental Static Generation (ISG) data fetching options --- " They solve the problem with pre-rendering the most critical software parts on the server and everything that needs to be asynchronous will be put together in the browser ”( Szczeciński, B. (2018) 'What's Server Facet Rendering and do I would like it? ) --- .

There is abundance of data in the new digital age, and can be harnessed to gather insights through application of data analytics. In order to provide oversight and governance over the collection, usage and management of data, it's also necessary to understand where the data is coming from and whether it was properly permissioned. Systems aren't always identical because clients present different demands over time —whether it's storage, CPU, or database—and these demands change over the lifecycle of the customer’s needs. So systems that can't evolve and scale don't keep up to the speed of technology changes and get stuck to technical difficulties quite often. More than ever, we are an interconnected world where the actions of one person or device in a social or physical network can have a “butterfly effect”on all of the people and devices across that Network and On Languages of Interaction ( Physical manipulation; Input using code; Mouse manipulation; Presence, location, and image; Haptic interfaces and multitouch; Gesture; Voice and speech recognition ).

Alongside a higher cost technology or cryptographic schemes even in face of quantum computing - data infrastructure issues, and ethical challenges on How lattice-based cryptographic algorithms can be scaled to protect more types of electronic information - ; also, the process of creating games, environments / ads were considered to be essential scalable, captivating and engaged into clean design , to avoid damage to the user experience - and potentially the brand VR / security . Currently, the high-end tools that exist for XR creation are complicated and difficult to learn; those without a coding background have more difficult in implementation - the reason why this has added market pressure towards 360 video interactive content, when the only way to disengage with the ad is to remove the headset. “AR” was coined by Boeing researcher, Tim Caudell in 1990 and comes here in advantage to VR while XR becomes the solution in between - new value in terms of functionality, reliability, convenience or price ; Imagining ways of New and exciting medium to create unique 3D apps and experiences - shaping the future of art , it enables new applications on Smartphones, Smart Glasses, City-wide Outdoor localization and tracking : like accurate AR way-finding, visualizing urban points-of-interest, social AR, architecture pre-visualization and historical restoration. The design and analysis of geometric algorithms has seen remarkable growth in recent years, due to their application in, for example, computer vision, graphics, virtual reality, medical imaging and CAD. 

Onwards — The next era of spatial computing - the user experience is still a primary obstacle for AR mass adoption and the biggest obstacle for VR mass adoption too; as it is gradually gaining influence on automobile industry - In the future , people will have access to information via glasses, lenses or other mobile devices ; autonomous vehicles, drones and robots move freely environments - understanding where they are; where they are going and what is around them -. By solving the problem of inaccurate positioning from GPS to camera-enabled  Scape’s VPS long term vision, many of the applications once imagined by AR developers, are now a reality and It's expected to AR revenues surpass VR revenues by 2020 - Knowadays , almost everyone owns a cellphone. Plus, mobile phones have upgraded to the required hardware for AR technology including CPU, sensors, and GPU - enabling infrastructure for a vast array of new spatial computing services , accelerated by the imminent arrival of widespread 5G networking and edge compute, delivering massive bandwidth at extremely low latency .

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"Customer experience with Digital Content refers to a customer’s perception of their interactive and integrative participation with a brand’s content in any digital media. " - (Judy & Bather, 2019) -

In addition to adding Augmented Reality to the product value, Microsoft has been offering MSOffice applications for its HoloLens device and showing what future offices can look like without screens and hardware. This could also point to new virtual competitors. AR apps can serve as a further direct-to-consumer channel. Some unanswered questions that are both theoretically and managerially relevant are: " How does it impact consumer-brand relationships, for instance, if consumers 3D-scan branded products and replicate them as holograms? How do consumers interact with virtual products in their perceived real world, compared to real products - what advantages and disadvantages do consumers see ? Which dynamic capabilities drive the success of Augmented Reality Marketing? Which competencies do Augmented Reality marketers need? How should these requirements be integrated into digital marketing curricula to lead for better decisions and lower return rates? How should Augmented Reality Marketing be organized and implemented - How does good content marketing or good storytelling - inspirational user experiences - are organized? What drives the adoption of Augmented Reality? What advantages and disadvantages do consumers see in virtual versus real products ? How can the success of Augmented Reality Marketing be measured?"

_______________ At the End of the Event I suggested Filipe Barroso ( responsible for organizing the Lisbon Google Developer Groups Event ) that it would be invaluable to get in touch with programming schools like ETIC that we all could engage into future educational workshops together - intersecting areas and interact with the events. For a person who is learning it was important to interconnect: students expressed opened to initiatives that included group and teamwork contexts - sharing knowledge and opportunities to grow - .

When I spoke to Filipe Barroso, I felt it would be a good initiative for all - to generate revenue and bridging the gap between knowledge seeking and sharing an opportunity for self-discovery and personal development. Eventually, other initiatives starting with this GOOGLE event spread on the same direction , so web development / media-programming colleagues, brought up a bridge together event # Code in the Dark - merging different courses in a workshop google event. I felt willing, because it taught me more than programming skills that any good proggeammer strives, such as coding(20%) ; algorithmic thinking (30%) ; computer science and software engineering concepts (25%) ; languages and software technologies (25%) : The importance of these Soft skills and proactive initiatives also from others, which I learnt from during this process, was for me more about "Sharing" in "Effective Interpersonal Relationships": aware that all social movements, are about others, how to learn with each other as a team; co-working towards mutual success and not towards an individual behaviour. This is what I understand to be the qualities of teamwork and #the road to create value. When studying programming, soft skills come at use in a practical way - job collective satisfaction beyond a collective co-working perspective range.

Intersecting Personal Experiences - I got to the conclusion that Technology itself continues to evolve creating performance and productivity opportunities for business and even reshape the way we imagine social network as it interacts with the future. Tech and IT Organizations
suffer from constant changes due to hardware evolution - this pushes competition between industry sectors -. ~ That's why I understand the importance of educational skill upgrades inside tech associations and organizations [ Professional development , through courses or training ]. Skill upgrade should not be ignored if it really wants to make business-market differences. That is also the main fact why I have pursued knowledge in different Educational systems. In a world of constant transformation, it is important to stay up to date and try different approaches. You get to a point realizing solution's that disable our ability to grow and innovate will not work to survive.

Even Though, I witnessed a kind of resistance to CPD - Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – Continuing Education – Some company’s feel threatened or create resistence ( encounter reluctance) - having hard time in understanding on how corrosive This attitude could turn out to be for every coworkers productivity and creativity: it only retrogrades growth and creates miss understandings or internal conflicts that could be easily solved with Education and shared perspectives. Training can also become a means of altering behavior, not in a punitive way but so that gaps inorganizational performance can be closed. Redifining the value is not just about profit maximization issues, but sustainable growth towards the measure of value ( Value Creation vs. Revenue Extraction) . The concept of training has many more aspects than just learning a skill: : Productivity; Quality; Empowerment of intellectual property; Alignment & Teamwork; Liability; Risk reduction; Professional development that supports employees in gaining a wider perspective in theirjobs and in their personal lives ; evaluates what level of performance will be required to assist the organization inachieving its goals; Establishes a strategy to meet current and future needs; Determines where gaps currently exist between the existing performance andthe required performance - Preparing for Change through Knowledge Sharing; Business Conduct and Social Responsibility. The Reduced cost comes with improve quality , for example, reducing the amount of rework and returns. Similarly, we reduce cost when we raise productivity or decrease lost time due to accidents.

Just like The best stories have interesting characters that have been put into a difficult situation, I learned with past projects that the path to ensure growth and create value in a business ecosystem is a process that integrates consistent elements - such as , resilient; security / compliance; interoperabile ; flexible scaling : combining with the right tools for the team to grow from a human and professional point of view. Important tools, that allow development teams to deliver software or other projects at an ever-increasing pace without compromising quality , because sometimes it can be easy to lose oneself in overwhelming routine . Informed individuals are less likely to panic as they understand what’s going on and how to respond appropriately. They’re more likely to prepare and prevent disasters when they understand the real risks that they might face — to improve your security wisely, to maximize the impact, and the metrics you’ll need to make decisions, set goals and track progress. Software designers, developers, and architects are constantly confronted with the same confounding problem: how to design software that is both flexible and resilient amid change. The more connected, proactive or knowledge sharing, higher the quality exchange between employees and more productive / healthy workplaces - . Why is it so important being organized and have a balanced legal / liable business plan ? Those who own "brick-and-mortar " operations, must understand liability and how it affects them. Unfortunately, accidents happen all the time. Understanding liability, conducting trainings, getting proper coverage, and other steps can act as a shield against financial claims. As you work to make your business safe and prevent accidents. If a client is unhappy with deliverables, timelines, or even the outcome of the project, he could file a lawsuit based on your management service agreement / contract . Upgrade, migrating knowledge ecosystems will deliver reliable, legal, faster performance to all staff. It's also important to put inside the clients skin: Consistency determines rather they decide to stay with contract or walk away towards other services.

"If you're facing error, call it version 1.0 and keep trying! "

When I look back to this event, even though I wasn't totally prepared to understand some concepts, it did make sense later. This is the process of knowledge: to realize that even if something does not make sense back then in time, it will eventually connect in the Future If one stands firm to his convictions and stays open to opportunities.

LEARNED LESSONS | 2020: Build useful apps, internal tools, simplified workflows, or brilliant bots for just your team or Slack's millions of users.

Since I've already been down this road before, I understand that Technology that supports collective interaction includes online discussion boards and mailing list. The same way as Communication in teams - is equivalent to the neural network of the human body. So even after the google event, I opened a channel online - on our Computer Science SLACK called "eventos_tech" - the virtual space, where I shared all that I learnt in group, as an incentive to my colleagues sensibilize towards the importance of exchanging knowledge and being there to help the other - the notion of shared workshops and events on tech , creates or motivates towards other bigger challenges. It was also important to understand how Thee lack of an adequate project scope to contextualize the project so that it does not become dispersed or mispercept by teamwork members and even future clients; underestimating the time and effort required to deliver a task can turn a challenging project into a hellish project. Without clarity and vision we’re unfocused, going nowhere fast.

Every person will have his/her own way to learn - their own learning process : a time to absorb information and a time to be able to learn how to decode , inter-connect and re-create ideas - respecting this is understanding oneself - to be aligned with your consciousness . Change is about alowing transformation of ideas. Reenforce knowledge , comes with consistently learning - Go back to the start - relearn , and try it out - implement data , sharing experiences ; teaching others after learning it, in a clearer way. What lacks proper hierarchical structure needed for learning a subject matter thoroughly, because this could lead to your being stuck quite frequently. In short, you will not have the know-how—the comprehensive knowledge—you need to use that language as a tool—. Workshops and interactive educational programs help people understand themselves ; be in contact with the market; sharing and gripping the right knowledge.

Developers need "soft skills" like the ability to learn new technologies, communicate clearly with management and consulting clients, negotiate a fair hourly rate, and unite teammates and coworkers - nurturing gratitude - in working toward a common goal. Throughout the years, I learned not to fear my own opinion, even if others do not understand / disagree decision making. I don't fear Failure and rather prefer to start from the beginning or unveil "key" strategies, because

I believe in solutions and the capacity of overcome obstacles - Strength and weaknesses - rather, apply the learnings from each experiment in future efforts. Error can teach us more about a problem that we might not have seen before and prepare to identify risks : by identifying / understanding where the project fails upgrades the impact of effective risk management (Key To Innovation) on project success. This doesn't mean I keep repeating the same failures all over again, but instead, commit myself to encounter knew challenging ones , so I can learn more throughout the process of measuring / tracking sequences of keystrokes, that reconfigure awareness networks.

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------> Google Developer Groups (GDGs) are for developers who are interested in Google's developer technology; everything from the Android, Chrome, Drive, and Google Cloud platforms, to product APIs like the Cast API, Maps API, and YouTube API.

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PART I - Working with Teams | Accountability & Responsibilities.

Studying computing - from data and coding toolkits that are highly sought after in many industries - challenges a person to keep up with the exponential technological change and figure out how it interconnects with other parts of the teamwork processes - It works best when it's a two-way street. Just like in sports , I believe that there has to be a measured way to work as a team , capable of optimizing performance / growth.

Something might look awesome on the outside - as a creator perspective - while it eventually induces a sense of "Good-Looking" products, if it lacks the consistency - suitability of the documentation, that incentives workers and clients to grow as an individual with the organization - nor forget to consider ethical concerns - all the business project value proposition / wasted team energy effort remains volatile ; ambiguous short plan drawbacks ; even in face of modern " recycled ecosystems" - This is quite different from sustainable ecosystems , where the misconceptions of "eco" business plan idyllically " thinking outside the box " concept begins - . Even thought you may have a sense on how the architectural micro-system levels work or interconnect - vital in terms of comprehending system scalability and functionality / Potential system bottlenecks  -, it doesn't mean you have to memorize or know everything about your project . So, If you have a sense of insecurity on how you keep forgetting stuff while executing something - it's actually not a bad thing to look it up and update. It doesn't make you less able to succeed or be capable of something. This is what normally everyday professional does due to the extensive-challenging digital information development ( obsolete over time ) . You get to a point you can't remember everything and this induces a sense of rediscovering insights from the past and bring them forward again with a new purpose - so there is no shame on rediscovering yourself like an amature - it's what keeps the spark passion on. Documentation is a huge tool to maintain organized . The hard process is to stay organized and make a team function beyond the brand concept and tools - improved business practices and foster collaboration with interconnected Data-to-Insights Strategy ( able to collect, prepare, and analyze relevant digital data, forecast gain advantages ) - the essence where the true value should be focused on, when considering growth and value transfer . You shouldn't push too much to master something quickly , because you're most likely going to fail to accomplish and pay for the shorcuts or false steps - Down the road it can speed up results in short terms, but it will create larger problems in the future . Don't see that as a Setback : It's not about knowing trophies, but more on how it is possible to find the solution - understanding something by building on a strong base . Knowing and being able to do something, are two different things. Learning happens when you try and implement it by breaking things down.

Programming has taught me how team visions and individual attitude towards different tasks determine performance and clarity as a network. Perhaps belonging to a creative field, I have a deeper need to understand how things interconnect - more than just making code result into one particular solution - I look for different approaches / comparing results and documented data - Attemptive to what experts do, enough times to change my own way of doing things. while it resulted into a harder path to deconstruct and interpret , It required more time to organize data - after training with practical projects , learning, practice, and repetition. Repeated enough times it becomes automatic . Your learning curve process increases perspective on problem solving, as it builds habits towards a self-reflect understanding of the expectations and knowledge beyond scope - conscious of your comprehension , through a questioning attitude (valuable insight into their target industries, products and service offerings and customer needs ) - You start to recognize / understand pattern behaviours. I realized that the same thing happens when you start applying data to a business, you first need to understand the business’ attitude to data.

_______ Any business challenge—whether it’s simple or complex, big or small, mission-critical or optional—cannot be solved unless we have clear understanding of the functional requirements; Identifying the core features of an application is crucial for a successful implementation. - Many factors come into play in a plan: Type and size of the project ; Team expertise and knowledge bases ; Time to market ; Scalability ; Maintainability ; Cost of the overall development. . In the process of integrating business applications - including OS, programming language, network management protocols or database architecture - and hardware systems used by a company, the primary goal is to automate business processes, increase employee productivity and improve interdepartmental cooperation (synchronous scalability) . Everyone fails in the absence of structure, but can we all learn from it? Oftentimes in our lives, the nature of being busy jumping from one focus to other - shifting responsibility , where you can’t prioritize or audit your communication channels - inverting the notion of control and iniqualities into a false sense employee / colleague , normalizes chaos in the workplace and creates a product of contradictions / flaws, wherever the focus on value is concerned; Independently of the quality (interesting or not) , this attitude creates a culture of hectic, overwhelmed, overworked employees - instead of a innovative culture or personal professional growth — the danger of toxic work environments and submission to a more powerful or authoritative entity — impose a sense of wrongness , distrust or injustices : Do we wish to work in freedom or fear? What is made of the personal contribution protection, the genuineness and the integrity of the creations / works -? Not recognizing where exactly it is original directed gives no true direction at all - creating a culture threat of thinking . Acting kind is not the same as being human - otherwise, consider yourself a machine mechanism under ambiguous private laws . Effective communications involves listening as well as speaking : One of the most frustrating views that can happen between two parties is whenever they think they’ve reached understanding and agreement - thinking their talking about the same thing , although realize they haven't - distitly missleading interpretation . The backlash created by the friction of cancel culture is turning some business unbearable - eliminating flexibility stigmas , with no time to process in agile, aggressive decentralized working environment . In order to practice shared models and emotional agility, you need space - to take time to pause and recover throughout intensive projects - Overall, a marathon is time-consuming, requires planning - a lot of sprints happen in between the start and the finished product , as well as physically exhausting and mentally draining . Meaning that when applied to real life context, it assumes that great things take time , so there is no need to rush to the finish line. In a world where everything is instant and on-demand , we rarely have the chance to think troughout recovery , but the rewards you reap throughout training and discovering new strengths and weaknesses about yourself are immeasurable . Patience-persistence , through dark times creates a resilient personality. There is more meaning to uncover than what we initially assumed. Committing to a goal without skipping progress takes time to line up with the learning curve.

Business Benefits is the value of lessons learned - We have to learn from our mistakes - align incentives with outcomes, but not in a punitive way :

Production environment is different from research . There are personalized approaches I usually make while collecting and gathering data into the process model / Pipelines - Deploy and monetarizing results through Efficiency test, require questioning attitudes : " How do you collaborate and distribuit work results within a team ? " ; " How can you ensure reliability and Performance on data? "; " Is my model results changing or acting throughout the project as expected - are they having different performances ?" - Adaptive Performance, improve optimization code for performance analysis. -- Very technical workers have hard time with creatives.
Ironically, what makes something creative, requires less of mechanical technical responses and more flexible working . Turning job results into productive products, only happens if combined with the required notion of balance.
Since we are human beings - not robots, it's wiser not to "kill" the creatives, because they're not the threat! Otherwise, move or inspire others on the team - transfering their own interconnectedness value chains; taking advantage of technologic resources ; mapping good ideas - that aren't built on top of very identical blocks of repeated gatherd information - already known results / solutions . Also, this isn't an excuse to "skip steps"/stages of a project, to justify content Creation .

As Workspace frameworks gradually change, evolving and adapting according to the needs of each marketplace, in collaboration with other individuals - How can you adopt different business models in the same market and create a strong network? ----- Business models can be combined to build hybrid models, but many value capture mechanisms don't realize their full potential - While Corporate Venturing allows established companies to access forms of innovation that are difficult or impossible to produce internally, some conflicts of interest in between a corporation and a startup often arise because of differences in the way performance and business model is measured : too much pride, resulting in an unwillingness to see or listen and unrealistic team management that runs extensive content / too fast, for ensuring quality test investment and fairness IT scalability - might well cause narrative colapse and disproportional or toxic environment - missleading the projection of anger into the wrong direction - . The sharing model creates value by combining capabilities to reach greater scale, ensure alignment or collaborative network effects. This requires managing the interdependence and level of integration needed to achieve the desired economies of scale, skill, or risk. The higher the level of interdependence, the more the information processing. After defining effective interfaces to ensure value delivery with Autonomy each one can work focused on what it does best independently . Due to fast moving ecosystems - living under different market velocities, a lot of people make mistakes. Both individuals and organizations cannot afford to keep performing the same error over again . In order to achieve profitability - on how the corporation will add value and make money on the existing market , a business model blueprint or profit structural model -- reflect strategic tradeoffs on how it is going to operate in the market and create a culture of contribution into the organizational sustainability plan : through planning and manufacture, sales and marketing, and revenue management. A mission statement defines what line of business a company is in, and why it exists or what purpose it serves : setting up goals related to manufacturing, operations or finances ; to adopt the right strategy for the business topology, that can be used for further investment in new real property, equipment ; allocation of resources of capital and people with knowledge update - sourcing new opportunities effectively ; difining purpose that gets people excited about what the company does and motivates them to become part of it; Managing risks and effectively hedging against future market disruption - or research on development efforts - capable of a reliable competitive edge over the marketplace. Whenever members avoid documention of important learnings achieved in the project - either failures or success -, it represents the lack of commitment from both management and team members . Also, profitability of future projects and organizations suffer, as they are unable to learn from their past events - to retrieve archived learnings for future use. Lessons learned process promotes a healthy culture of sharing knowledge with the team ( everyone wins) . This results in considerable savings of cost and time - improving future performance and project future upgrades. Learnings are a vital source of information to improve processes and best practices; allows organisations to apply the knowledge from previous projects to new initiatives. Further analysis of these variances helps to implement corrective and preventive actions : obtaining the right resources to get the job done; Knowing when and how to stop a failing project - for example, if a new IT system is not suitable for business needs ; management of risks and issues - understand what’s expected with role clarity and responsibilities for a realistic scope; establishing clearly what the benefits are and whether they are realistic and achievable to re-aligned if not unachievable.

Business Benefits is the value of lessons learned - We have to learn from our mistakes - align incentives with outcomes, but not in a punitive way : instead of control rather than flow; denying versus accepting; destroying versus building - we should be focused on creating a culture of accountability.

In high-uncertainty environments - cracks and faults begin to show, and your performance and health will suffer . It's not a win-win game ! Instead, results in a lack of foresight.

How do organizational structures affect projects and project management? --- The ability to question Organizational structure improves operational efficiency by providing clarity to employees at all levels of a company - like a roadmap, allowing to create solid advancement tracks for entry-level workers : without a formal organizational structure, the team may find it difficult to know who they officially report to in different situations, and it may become unclear exactly who has the final responsibility for what. Chaos refers to whatever you can’t make sense of what you have to do . In high-uncertainty environments - cracks and faults begin to show, and your performance and health will suffer . It's not a win-win game, perhaps more of a individual win instead of collectiveness - but not everyone is willing to participate onto that kind of business model - And that is ok , someone else eventually does. Respect and understanding is crucial for self awareness. Before any task action, take a moment to reflect on which type of organizational structure you work in ; on how these organizational structures affect projects and project managements. Then see if you recognise any of the implication issues raised.

The Understanding of industry and markets requires an Audit attitude on digital materials : an ability to be organised, answer questions appropriately and ensure the analyse of the risks and opportunities for the digital materials: an activity conducted to check whether the actual results of what has been developed are "defects free", and match the expected results for which it was developed - as a way to ensure whether the project completely satisfies the exact needs, requirements, and expectations of the client; The use of analysis prioritise areas of work and assign responsaible goals to them : as a worker , I want to understand who is doing the business and have a clear grasp of what they are trying to accomplish or sell . Living under high risk environments, it's crucial understanding "the nuts and bolts" because it goes a long way to reducing strategic "mistakes", to encounter the necessary skills and deliver good quality product / service idea – There is no point in starting out "something" without clear vision / provide valuable knowledge on how a sector works and a notion of the network of contacts and eventual customers or suppliers. A person needs to have some specific skills and knowledge about the business they are in to gain trust - a plan to launch and grow options about the best routes - Planning therefore needs to be a continuous process. : If the unexpected happens you then have those options available . What's not ethical correct is to control or influence someone into something they don't want to or understand - I call that dishonesty and misstrust. People are still free to choose to participate in what they believe in or leave whenever they feel.   The work path is supposed to bring out a natural, positive, and productive side of oneself and explore your skills upgrade - even failures helps you learn and grow to excel - The major risks you face and how they might be mitigated or avoided entirely. Through Experience, one should be able to identify the critical success factors that underpin the operations of the business and recognize different ways of doing things should circumstances change or differ from those anticipated – called strategic options. These are valuable because circumstances can, and do, change. . People have different visons, and that is great. However, no career is worth risking your ethical and mental health: a job that drains ( both physically and mentally ) either your motivation to do anything or inspiration that unables to focus on your work, is a decision made wrong. While some days, all you might need is a little time to unwind and de-stress to get yourself back on the track, sometimes it becomes crucial for you to begin seriously looking at a career change , otherwise, conduct an introspection to check if the responsibilities, tasks, and skills do fit for you. Therefore , no context should be analised as personal judgment, but seen as professional perspective - an opportunity to question and reflect. Each person will have their own time and space to figure their future out without feeling invasive and that doesn't make someone less or more - it's a human process .

You may have heard someone say : “That’s just how it’s done here,” or “These are our values ! - The way it's done here ! - The doctrine of reward and punishment is central ! ” Those are generally signs that something is being normalised through delagation of authority rules and solutionism ( reverse engineer and responsibility ), when it should be being fixed to create accountability. As difficult as it may sound you absolutely need to slow down and look at the big picture.

The absence of accountability erodes not only the culture but the vision, the strategy, the structure, the results, eventually the entire purpose or integrity of a Project .

I've experienced potential growth output whenever I grasped digital transformation with both hands , creating a continuous learning culture within the flow of work where everyone can listen and be part of the same tune ( amplitude / frequency ) - just like sound waves , in order to survive and thrive the opposition of exhaustion culture thrilled by unrealistic motivations ( burnouts discard). That's why the sense of conflict rather relies on a reflection or solution of a problem. When a person is too exhausted to see and think as a result of the unrealistically high standards of tasks or can't understand the point of communication clarification ( more than enough ) without lists - eliminating false perceptions to avoid the real problem is pointless - the ignorance of cause-effect may cost a lack of integrity, frustration - withdrawal, and missconceptions. The very broad contours of what integrity means, at least in the context of professional conduct. Failure is inevitable. However, teams can identify IT weaknesses before they expand systemwide : identify issues quickly, recover faster, and automate controls that minimize impact. Whenever too many responsibilities are delegated to only a few people , expecting everyone else to keep up on highly-adaptive trait, can actually impede resiliency, The key requires a comprehensive and structured approach : It takes time, strength, responsible choices and help from people around you - an understanding of internal control to help individuals act as problem-solvers instead of victims of circumstance , while you’ll likely experience setbacks along the way . Build resilience by improving coping skills, realistic planning and adaptability.

The lack of work-life balance  and fast-paced nature of today’s work environment means a greater risk than ever of becoming de-energized and emotionally drained.  My "burnout experiences" on "fail fast" business models taught me more than expected : due to the consequences of exhaustion while absorbed by the fast-forward network - you can only get time to process everything after the experience - into an exponential leap forward of awareness - The so called "Hyper reality-experiences " wont result on long-term wealth . Instead, represent a deep dive into the psychology simulacra - glitchy narrative - of effective “surprise” : "alter sense ratios or patterns of perception" ( McLuhan ) . If your lucky, eventually you survive the journey without even getting sick or stuck in between too many tasks. Choosing between getting sucked into a duplicated simulated world - mirroring selfs, I'd prefer working at a proactive ecosystem - remaining aware of environmental practices helps you grow realistically & learn progressively, into new creative directions. "Self-awareness" is what sparks creativity in the first place - Everything else, are trends you experience - that unexpectedly disrupt or redirect / deceive the flow of a game; A reactive side-effect, consequence of "speed-culture" - asssumes you engage into some kind of "cult" model - " sold to us as a better way of life, supported by myths, and ultimately allowed to develop into a self-sustaining reality. It is a map that has replaced the territory." ( Douglas Rushkoff ) - - a prophetic belief system , embedded in the technologies and shared business plans - . Media/show business do this with propaganda - unconventional news feeds. Although I'm very familiar to agile approach these "fast business models" mirror Silicon Valley startups in their extreme bias to action. It suggests that you act first and ask questions later, assuming that a few failures will ultimately get you to the right answer more quickly than more measured action - like blind faith as if , accelerated ventures "magic of success" would increase cash free outcome in a shorter period of time -- but then again, entrepreneurs are often enthusiastic about most things. . Rather than throwing initiatives at the proverbial wall to see what sticks the best solutions, evolve progress through testing or learning Prototypes - It's not just an event experiment admonishing staff, but a broader test of product that opens the team / business towards future upgrades or enhancement perspectives - . Ex. of a company that designs a complex airplane product, will build a smaller model to test before building a full-scale version. This allows for valuable information to be gathered that informs the design of the final product, at a lower cost and faster timeframe - So, rather than bumbling between failures in search of success, you'll become adept at breaking problems into small chunks that can be tested, with each test making your organization smarter, more adept, and able to move more quickly toward successful outcomes. In practice , a solid innovation in a quick ecosystem delivers no time to test and grow. It might eventually reveal a variation of trends / simulations , but simple solutions to complex products are not ready-made blocks of repeated / restructuring solutions , but a result or creation throughout different parallel processing.  As Evgeny Morozov describes in his book: "To Save Everything, Click Here "- explains why the world's complex problems will not be solved by technology alone ( Tech Solutionism), if you intend to be a better or healthier version of yourself .  A majority solve a portion, and a few don't solve their problems or might even cause new ones  - warning on how becoming proactive, not reactive - helps to avoid super-hero culture; suggesting the development of cultures that support quality and consistency standards that are more resilient , view a crisis as a learning opportunity.    With the emergence of web sites, apps, and artificial intelligence (AI) , the rapid rise in AI might instill a false sense of confidence - given enough data and machine learning, it might appear that our solutions are able to Masking Root Causes; Potentially biased data; Costly Security issues.  The absence of accountability erodes not only the culture but the vision, the strategy, the structure, the results, eventually the entire purpose or integrity of a Project. To reduce misunderstanding of tasks, it's wiser to build good business case that can tie together the situation - its root causes; alternatives considered; the recommended best approach; the feasibility of that approach, and a cost-benefit analysis of the recommendation. Strengthening a culture of authentic, trust-based relationships increases job satisfaction, leading to greater engagement, higher productivity, longer employee retention, and even decreased health care costs. - For productivity and creativity, I design a Routine to Become self-disciplined organized, in order to communicate with intent; Set Priorities by minimizing distractions and incorporate breaks to maximize focus, or prevent “decision fatigue”; it's important to restore motivation, especially for long-term goals :  If the work requires the use of logical - linguistic activities, I also monitorize activities that activate creative and visual processing—.

Common sense isn't always common practice - Its changing and likely to contradict someone else's idea / path : sometimes progressing or sometimes regressing.

Once written by Voltaire, in times when society was also changing rapidly and based on human experience or people's individual perceptions, "It is sometimes said, common sense is very rare" - Changes due to rupture of values usually leave gaps in knowledge and wisdom in the upcoming generation, and this can lead to occurrences of “common sense” failure. Reality works like mirrors: looking into it is like meeting yourself for the first time and not everything that looks alike is : -- “ Not everything is as it seems, and not everything that seems is. Between being and seeming there is always a point of agreement, as if being and seeming were two inclined planes that converge and become one. There is a slope and the possibility of sliding down that slope, and when that happens, one reaches a point at which being and seeming meet. ” ( J.S ) -- Whether we’re in sales, programming, management, ownership, marketing, research, or consulting , People cannot function to their optimal level if they are unclear about what is expected of them — including tasks, attitude and standards - as for creating an environment where change is possible, supervision and feedback are integral components of the workday can be a problem .

Some may want to create an innovative workplace culture into free people who take risks by trying new things and make mistakes. It's all very nice modern talking - thinking outside the box , but If a team member is chastised and the team is enforced to act in a certain way with abusive awarded conduct , what kind of culture is really being created ? - one of fear , blind obligation, castration and manipulation to achieve certain results ? What is "common sense" to you might not be so to others : no one set of rules will fit all people in all situations ; -- Culture exists and influences behavior in organizations , so getting it defined correctly matters to achieve real results that deeply held beliefs and assumptions and drives behavior within organizations or groups of people. It will require the emotional and intellectual maturity / integrity models to recognize that we all are individuals with our own experience, which includes to refuse to participate or the right to question values : On what do you consider proper and how does it differ from other co-workers or people around ? On what is your set of rules based ? Do you racionalize behaviour or pretend it is not happening, convince other's that it's not important or remove doubt about the issue - creating a false sense of culture ? Do your rules stay within the common practice, or do they hold yourself to a different standard - into the consideration dimension of absolute otherness pedestal and so for that reason everyone must obey or be captured into your vision or else will be punished ? Do you allow others to have their own ethics or must your ethics rule them all - unnecessary adverse impact ? I also understand as someone who has been a member of dysfunctional work teams and in unhealthy organizations - like learning a new musical instrument or sport, It requires setting aside time and making an effort to practice, to achieve better cope with such stressors. - More than persuading team to accept their point of view in all situations, the modern manager should open up to different views on products, strategies or even internal administrative issues of the company, otherwise it will be more difficult to learn something, live together as a team and even improve their own performance.

Today’s society is obsessed with success and achievement , mainly due to the social media impositions - facilitating people to express and share ideas, thoughts, and opinions with others - , that failure ( a lot of ups and downs ) is replaced from the equation. A lot of success are in fact failures: the ugly parts are so hard to digest !
Some will eventually manipulate results - through individual oprression or ownership of property - , but actually, mirror their own faults throughout actions . Cooperation is more important than Competition and Failure is not a step backward; it's an excellent stepping stone to amplify vision and perspective on the project. Infact, failure is essential to achieve success. Time, organization and management are important keys for a synchronous project : If everyone stays true to its personal goals and the company values, things eventually work out with less overwhelming and anxiety saturation.
Life becomes a cleared road to create value. Like planning a road trip: You need to know where you start, where to go, and how you will get there. Creativity doesn't have to be messy or perfect, but it does have a context and depends on the interpretation and transfer communication between different types of people / specialist - understating this factor, is neglecting team purpose / motivation - Mission, vision, and values: What do they say? -

--- As an audiovisual technician and Software Developer I developed differentiated team skills - READ MORE --->

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I consider myself a person that has an inherent attitude of helping others by sharing not only what I learn, but other real life experiences that inspire performances in a positive way. Since a very young age I’d been interested in cinematography , graphic motion design and poetic science : data visualization aesthetics ; algorithmic music & steganography (computer science). I found information design, motion graphics or kinetic information displays / live interactions and corpus Performances , would deliver new experiences through senses - capable of questioning tecnology beyond tool usability / functionality . I studied methods on how to interpret creatively "objects/subjects" - intersecting art with the scientific fields . As I understood how my ideas could become interactable - beyond aesthetics, I realised that the more we could disconstruct concepts apart , animate and move around to see what information can do, the more we’ll be able to push new boundaries into perspective - cross section transversely - It Allowed me to immerse through cognitive processes; analyze data and understand new media frontiers . When displayed legibly and informatively , it involves more of oursenses and/or our bodies ( Cinetic Media) . While Information technology (IT) refers to the combination of hardware, software, and services that people use to manage, communicate, and share information.

Though, we musn't forget that every learning process and creation has it's context and is driven by the nature of time and space. Meanwhile I was working on my way to make sense of all these interconnections Individually, soon I found it more difficult to explain myself when working with teams. Most of the times I had to adapt to the people around me and accept the fact that each one has their our personal journey. I kept asking : "how could I create valuable projects , where everyone had their optimal performance and learn with each other efforts?". It depended mainly on the belief, motivation and responsibility - or true dedication and trust on the project . Not everyone is willing to dedicate the same amount of energy on a project and that is extreammly difficult to manage in a team. A person can't boss force someone to work and when you feel nothing is helpfull, that can be energy wasted on team value. It also means someone will feel wasted even if the work is a masterpiece. These questions depend mostly on perception and self awareness.

This journey has been about adventure and discovery - an integrated part of my audiovisual projects ( research documentation). When I thought I was on the right path I always found new solution's elsewhere and for those reasons I have taken different roads. There is no such thing as the right linear path , as you search for inner answers, almost as a fluid movement : you are guided by your guts, affected by your actions and conscious choice impact what is born around you. With time, you learn how to listen to yourself , people and the world around you, aware that there are false steps - misconceptions , false illusion turbulence and failures - you begin to question : even when things can be negative around us, how can we truelly discover the inner nature of ourselves in positive environments ?'.

"We cannot change our past…we cannot change the fact that people will act is a certain way…we cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the string we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you…we are in charge of our Attitudes.” ~Charles Swindoll

Working on the projects helped me to take ownership of my responsibilities of any updated task and make sure all the relevant information is provided . What I have learnt after being involved in different projects besides the technical hard skills, that can be useful when in relation to my personal - professional soft skills where Innovation is the key , and Optimization is required:

My projects allowed people to immerse through cognitive processes, as I analyzed data and understood how new media frontiers worked and displayed legibly and informatively - I understood how it involved more of oursenses and/or our bodies ( Cinetic Media) - inducing new levels of “presence” than traditional media. Technology has a cultural history ( a past and future story ) that goes far beyond the promising solution. Despite the ideology of technological revolution centered on trying to make people believe that it is possible to solve any problem : be it of a social, economic or political nature, with a good dose of technology, putting the user in a passive position - represents a quick and generic answer to any type of problems with Computer-aided design, telecommunications, and other developments, that have important consequences for business, government, and the labor market. This is what concerns me as a human and a creator: that we stop thinking about the problems themselves, just to worry about the solutions that encode a process in which ideas are conveyed and translated into a code or a set of symbols without analysing the ethical consequences.

On the one hand, I recognize that technology does not solve problems on its own - blindly - , on the other hand, I believe that it can be used to solve problems in a certain category, regardless of the potential for progress that this may represent that can make perfect sense because they are based on the coherence of human inconsistencies, and not on the mere logical coherence of technology.

Furthermore, I emphasize that it is necessary to define the problem , so that it is solvable as a flexible plan and doesn't create a larger one . I also realized that most Clients don't know what they need until the moment we show them Prototypes - because they need the right space to distance themselves from the project , and find time to visualize the idea -. At this point, is where I come in, with knew creative ideas: to consolidate feedback from clients, I stay up to date on the latest design , language / perspective and prototyping tools, testing them shortly after they launch, because I believe that choosing the right prototyping tool – Design + Sketch makes all the difference to succeed in work process. However, If it were neutral - technology would have no power to solve problems. Technology does nothing alone because it's interconnected - instead of fast, inconsistent solutions , as a programmer and creative I worry about questions. The production, distribution and disposal of technology, already involve a series of human actions that can be held responsible. Among these actions, I highlight the technology design actions which is when the intentions behind the technology are defined. In fact, it is necessary to invert the fundamental questions around a problem : " What trouble can technology create? How will the solution be problematized - is it Ethical ? Who will be excluded by the solution of the problem? What can be given as a guarantee of responsibility? " Technology does not solve anything - People solve it. However, people also create as many problems as they solve.

Throughout this road , I found hard time figuring out what was the right communication to each situation because context changes the perspective over reality. Time taught me how to accept the fact that , what lacks proper hierarchical structure needed for learning a subject - matter thoroughly, and could lead to your being stuck quite frequently. In short, the deeper you go - more corouge and responsibility it takes, because each action has its energetic - vibrant effect , that will reflect and proporgate throughspace - amplify your perspectives , and continue your personal journey :

Time-tracking tools that everyone is comfortable to use diminish the project cost ; estimates and forecast schedule objectives ; generates valuable insights & feedback to solve roadblocks; Leverages lessons learned to advance; syncs resources towards a reliable comprehensive career depth and transparency ; The Project Plan helps to understand how time was spent on one task , compared to what was planned ; it filters and optimizes performances that value knowledge-sharing strategy with objectives that should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound or focus on customer expectations, satisfaction and quality that weigh against the impacts & rebalance the dynamic relationship of constraint models of time, cost and scope as well as Schedule , Budget, Benefit and Risk , legitimate additional variables , capable of handling change requests along the way. Everyone (project managers / team / clients) will still try to control all 3 constraints by sacrificing an implicit constraint: Quality. Though, sacrificing quality to accelerate delivery tends to backfire much more quickly than expected, because it affects our ability to continue, maintain and change. It is easier to coordinate knowing that someone will deliver at least a minimal version scope by a particular date, with the possibility to improve , than knowing nothing capable of coordinating problems. Projects cannot be cheap, comprehensive, and fast all at once, so the " we" as a team , have to know priorities in order to decide, adjust and be aware what’s the essential decision making and create a detailed work breakdown structure— accurate time that estimates and track team hours to make sure you’re staying on Schedule for each individual Task.

I started my learning process with Backstage Theatre Scenography and I believed that a deeper understanding of Design would give me more flexibility and teach me more about : how to think of light / form motion , to develop creative ideas. Image and Sound , taught me how to look into deeper aesthetic and scientific dimensions , which inspired me to create visual-sound instalations with kinect, sensores, cameras and projector - With the rise of XR Technology products, it lead me back to computer science . I went back to computational art because of how it melded these interests together. Technology isn't just changing the way we work . It's also affecting the way we live and learn skills. 

Throughout these life experiences, I worked with diverse teams , that resulted into personal growth . The way I see , it's important to everyone find their opportunity to learn with each other within the project process - optimizing knowledge as a whole ; aligned and focused on all functions of the organization into creating value for the entire teamwork / businesses. For those teams that didn't work so well - I learned the hard way, on how to make it better - thinking about tools in terms of how, rather than just what, when, or why; learning with uncertainty or how to create solutions that could minimize risk and performance faults. I realized that throughout the process of learning with a teamwork, there is also a process of learning (space within us) that we ought to understand and respect towards the project success. When we work with someone we mustn't forget our place in the project even if we are in different stages in life and maturity.

As an audiovisual technician and creative content in entertainment and journalism I developed team skills - using depth analysis of the aesthetics ( media editor and camera DOP assistant ; production film - narrative plans; actor dirrection; equipment grip for TV (light /lens), videographer or FILM electric Management ) or even synchronicity through technical sensory ( auditory and visual culture, crafting brand identify - story engagement acrosss platforms / motive driven through intuitive concepts such as Content strategy ; creative branded - from concept to delivery . Having a good cross-section of team skills in software and Hardware, that give insight and understanding on which tools and tecnology are adequate to the scale of the project and how to facilitate requisites : conversion branding; analysis or strategic planning techniques, that provides assessment tools - depending on the project requirements SWOT , so that error , security and damage issues with equipment can be minimized and productivity maximized.

Programming Software has taught me how to work with teams establishing the relation between geometry, science, light, poetry and their transformations & human interaction between software . You can still create animations with HTML5 by combining HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (JS), building shapes. Also, you can control animations and edit images, video, and audio by means of JS or CSS elements ( ex.canvas). From the tactile mirror to the virtual body with logic associations in a more understanding-objective-organized- structured - secure way : the view on computer systems from the perspective of a programmer, rather from the more traditional perspective of a system implementer ( hardware, operating system, compiler, and network -processor architecture, program optimizations, the memory hierarchy, linking control flow, virtual memory and memory management, system-level I/O, basic network programming ) ; To write better code, many Leaders come up with coding standards ( principles) and ask the programmers to follow them or add stringent code review methodologies that ensures a good deliverable product - impossible to reproduce bad code , throuthout attitudes of team members vital role for the success of the project, rather than the focus on rigid policies. This inherent attitude, made me questioned on "How to deliever my work with quality effort" - furthermore , adapting into new circumstances throught consciously writing the code, respects these principles - while it ensures only the right information , so that any other developer don’t deviate in a way, that they can easily understand or continue it without much effort. ; How can high reliability and high speed be achieved? - Reducing startup latency and implementing lazy loading of certain parts of the application - How might usability trade off against security? ; How might it trade off against performance and Flexibility Sizing ? - This means , estimating the Hardware Requirements for the project ; specifically in relation to hardware capacity. Among these areas are the memory and CPU of the server (whether it’s your back-end server that has been WebSocket-enabled or a gateway that enables WebSocket traffic to flow between clients and back-end servers), and network optimization. Exploring a Component’s Life Cycle, substantially speed up interactions between the client and the server by using the WebSocket network protocol ; JSON,jQuery Ajax library & plugin integration ( Real Time Collaboration / sharing experience ) ; - Another key application of web messaging that can benefit by consuming, analyzing, and actively responding to events during the user’s browser session, a mobile device, or a desktop client application, is in the realm of machine-to-machine (M2M) communication , sometimes referred to as the “Internet of Things” (IoT), focused on connecting everyday objects to the Internet /sending asynchronous messages to build loosely coupled systems: Implementing smart meters to track and automatically report utility usage, interacting with home appliances (such as checking if the door is locked or if the oven is turned off), installing credit-card-sized capable computers (such as the Raspberry Pi), monitoring devices and moving vehicles, telemetry, and augmented reality are just a few of the use cases that M2M addresses. Most modern real-time enterprises employ a corporate services architecture as part of an efficient IT infrastructure (Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)) - Programming, also made me research on how jQuery allows you to achieve the same results while writing less code ? - ; and not assuming that a web application is secure if it’s deployed behind a firewall, because as long as there are open ports that allow external users to access a web application, one needs to invest on the application security, too ; this requires company-specific workflows, which usually need to be integrated with various internal systems, data sources, and processes (Enterprise applications ).

As a full stack developer { Front-end } & < Back-end > , I can work effectively by knowing the right thing to look up and which resources are available (resourcefulness): Provide an independent, impartial, and objective system by which a project can benefit from a total operational review - business Intelligence methods - . Throughout organization of programs as chains / reuse methods and understand how to structure, plan a set of rules / Requirements Specification techniques for undertaking different tasks of the software development process . With enough Capacity for understanding multimedia tools to adapt programming execution and value Project Planning : diagnosing the root cause of performance bottlenecks or failures and identifying areas where to tune aspects of the system for better performance on flexible and scalable project tools and frameworks.

RESOURCES FOR TRAINING | Online Wireframe Tools / Prototyping Tools

- I also trained on some Data analytics with R , Excel and Tableau : decisions on why Excel and SQL are Great Stepping Stones to Tableau and how it performes data access and analysis; You can either use Python to manipulate enormous .csv's with pandas, or take a fastest cross-platform route optimization with Tableau to extract, transform and update data visually, Creating a Storyboard Sequence : business intelligence methods and tools that connect to the server and Online cloud version, while it allows you to connect into many different data sources from relational databases, interactive dasboards to Hadoop, to data warehouses or cloud-based data services. - Web Scraping (also termed  Screen Scraping, Web Data Extraction, Web Harvesting etc.)  - and understand how to present effectively , to Demonstrate the Method's : SSADM (Structured Systems Analysis and Design Method – used in analysis and design), UML (Unified Modelling Language; a modelling notation for object oriented design), DFDs (Data Flow Diagrams) and - Soft Systems , used to elicit requirements in complex environments . I learnt to Emphasize teamwork , for teams of between two and 12 members, where requirements are likely to change - using agile approach programming methodology - a software development approach that encourages the users to be involved with the development process and anticipates the positive influence they have on requirements : such as functionality, reliability safety-critical systems, usability, efficiency / performance, supportability, maintainability and portability databases reliability, availability, scalability and recoverability (List of system quality attributes); principles of responsive design, which allow to have a single code base that will be flexible enough to render a UI that looks good on large and small screens.

RESOURCES 2020 | When one size doesn’t fit all: How to make change personal

However, the most common security dangers I encountered , fell into four main categories: SQL injection, cross-site scripting, insecure file uploads, and unauthorized access. Optimize solutions take an intelligent, automated approach to modeling, forecasting, and optimizing data center or cloud resources and cost. Automation of workflow, means spending less time working and more time making awesome tasks efficiently - improving the user experience of your website or app.

Design taught me throughout a process workflow that it depends on teamwork . As written on "Practices of the Python Pro" - book by DANE HILLARD : "As in fashion, art, and architecture, design in software is the process of sketching out the plans for a system so that it can be executed for maximum effect. In software, these plans help us understand the flow of data and the pieces of the system operating on that data. Planning out a software system will help you uncover areas that present risk. You can identify where sensitive user information might be exposed to a vulnerability. You can also see which pieces of the system might be performance bottlenecks or single points of failure."

I learnt to value the Anatomy of Task Time by facing issues such as Infrastructure : Building server workstations or digital solutions ; Release / filter work pipelines ; manage computer hardware and software preparation - Environments and Access upgrades; Timely, clear and prioritised task Management :  Functional Requirements ; Non functional requirements ; Business priorities  ; Resolving Bug issues  ; Understanding Customer requests / feedback ; Dealing with Ambiguous or bad decisions and People : Absence ; Behaviour ; Conflict  ; Lack of response - understanding that People are not servers, they can’t be changed and reconfigured with few lines of code , within few seconds. It takes time and patience.

As I organized bigger projects throught Technical documentation in software engineering , that included all written documents created through the whole software development lifecycle - a plan for every stage . It's important to realise that this exists to help describe product functionality, unify all kind of project information and enable exchange of communication between shareholders and developers such as: product requirement document, UX documentation, software architecture documentation, diagrams, QA documentation, product roadmaps, etc. Pair programming and Mob programming is also a good way of transferring knowledge , helps in improving communication, having less meetings and clearing a technical debt. In knowledge sharing sessions, where team meet to share what they have learn such as tech talks can improve developers knowledge and give an idea how some topics can be improved in the project.

Fonte da imagem : Project Manager

Good decisions on bad data are just bad decisions that the company's hasn’t made yet -". Such as, Knowledge and requisites for the Requirements Elicitation, come before action ( System requirements analysis) - to help design methodology for reliable software systems and engage a constructive healthy workspace.

I believe that In software engineering people are the hardest to work, but the most important thing that can be invested, especially team leaders, - even before you fixate on agile concepts and technology. Good team leaders work with their teams to implement permanent solutions to these problems based on 3 factors : Wait Time - for developing knowledge that you don’t have, decisions that you haven't yet made while you wait for someone else to complete their work before you can start yours; Disruption Time - expedite, organize rework, team / corporate interruptions and personal health activities ; Task Time - getting work done ; Leaders assign work depending on the Lead Time of tasks to remove as much Wait, Disruption and Task Time from overall delivery process. This actual Task Time is made up from 8 factors which are dynamic: Volume of work ; Dealing with the Unknowns - identifying unpredictable stuff that weren't consider when you were estimating the work. Complexity - figuring out an algorithm to solve a problem. Risk - testing you have to do, given the risk level that is acceptable for the task at hand. Skill  improving - your hard/soft transferable skills (programming, math, architecture, algorithm design, management, etc) or using your existing skills to get work done quicker. Domain  gaining - new domain knowledge (in some new langugage, technique, HR, Logistics, etc) or upgrade your existing domain knowledge to get work done faster. Attitude - to perceive your work environment and tasks. Aptitude - developing predisposed skills towards the work that you are doing.

Compared, Software design and programming have a lot in common with the arts, due regard for particularities. There is a need to investigate code to find patterns and design patterns movements - but also, other types of techniques that can be developed by reading code; focused on discovering and documenting reusable solutions to problems , common to software development - such as Design patterns, that formalize the study of existing codes , making the practice accessible to a large number of software professionals .

if (problem is sufficiently simple) {

Directly solve the problem.

Return the solution.

} else {

Split the problem up into one or more smaller

problems with the same structure as the original.

Solve each of those smaller problems.

Combine the results to get the overall solution.

Return the overall solution.


It's when things go out of hand and out of control that we realise how important it is to find structured plan so that one can learn with our mistakes in time before making a larger one and avoiding more problems that are time consuming and don't bring any real "growth" or "value" to the project identity / brand.

Programming depends on our capacity to question and not assume "something is just because". It's almost a philosophical vision of science. I understood in between eventual analític and logical errors, how to look at Availability tactics : Detect Faults; Recover from Faults ( Recovery or repair - Reintroduction or Software upgrade) Prevent Faults ; A failure occurs when the system no longer delivers a service that is consistent with its specification; this failure is observable by the system's users. A fault (or combination of faults) has the potential to cause a failure. While shifting technologies or business models , You often don’t know what you don’t know, and you have to learn as you go - Creating a culture that simultaneously values learning through failure and outstanding performance is difficult. The sooner we can discover software failures, the more robust it will become. By Questioning the meaning of every process and how things work or how to create solutions, I've learnt the true value of "consistency" in the same perspective that it's properties enables transactions that cannot break the integrity rules of a database or software performance. Consistency determines rather a potential client decides to stay with contract or walk away towards other services. Even team workers don't like to be deceived - meeting objectives with the basic principles / expectations toward a service -.

When analyzing consistency in a teamwork environment context: a transaction must also not break any of the constraints or rules. It taught me about flexibility and planning – respecting the final goal to validate value and congruence of quality data taken placed. As well as it ensures the integrity of any project that manages towards growth - ideas for maximizing performance, interoperability, and reusability - and for avoiding and troubleshooting problems .

If I were a client , I’d be very concerned about how to improve the quality of information and any communication that uses outdated technology - attending to the scale of the project - by identifying, mitigate, and managing risks, test, recovery/disaster plans, and build out systems that contain fewer risks Services and microservices ; Scaling applications , refers to the assign of services to specific teams, label the criticalness of each service, and devise failure scenarios and recovery plansCloud services; requires understanding of the cloud-based services structure , resource allocation, and service distribution .

RESOURCES | 2020: ‘You’re not going to get it all right’: IBM CMO Michelle Peluso on managing through a crisis.- "When everything changes overnight, previous assumptions can’t be trusted. And a company— its functions, teams and individual employees—must be able to pivot almost instantly to account for the new reality. Agile teams are particularly good at this, because they excel at prioritization." -

Computer programs are all about receiving, manipulating, and returning data. It will have you worry about the differences between one graphics card and another ; Privacy Issues = Trust Issues that make you think like a data scientist ; analyzing scientific data and whether the computer is connected to a network through Ethernet or wireless [ Customer and employee analytics ; Product and device analytics ;Network and operational analytics ]. Computational thinking is to understand what happens when you’re programming ( this takes years of research and transformation). Being self-taught means a lot of searching and training - by seeking out broad influences that expose you to new ways of thinking. Understanding computer languages and algorithms is a continuous struggle of trying - failing ... coffee.. and repeat...failing harder and failing better is all about learning code. If it's 4 am and you're still trying to figure out some code, than you might consider yourself a coder lover without even noticed how you become this way in the first place - addicted to the power of creation. Many programmers learn through experimentation, looking at others’ code and working out what method is best for a given situation.

LIÇÕES APREENDIDAS | 2020: "You see people being very optimistic about what they can offer in a short period of time, especially in companies that move quickly," says Alan Zucker, founding director of Project Management Essentials.

LIÇÕES APREENDIDAS | 2020: Emotional Intelligence Has 12 Elements. Which Do You Need to Work On?

Becoming a programmer isn't just about learning the syntax and the concepts of a programming language or Measuring Network Complexity aspects —state, speed, surface, and optimization— : it's about figuring out how to use that knowledge to make programs. It's a time consuming learning process. To a point that most programmers are stereotyped as antisocial hermits, but that is not a linear categorical. The only time I'm antisocial is when I hibernate into my spaceship to create / implement something. The programming activities can be solo activities, but a programmer typically interacts with a variety of people. For example, if a program is part of a system of several programs, the programmer coordinates with other programmers to make sure that the programs fit together well. You might also have coordination meetings with users, managers, systems analysts, and with peers who evaluate your work-just as you evaluate theirs. The hard parts involve dealing with clients, peers, and managers, staying productive, achieving financial security and so on. understand things that can go wrong in software development.

Computer systems have many layers, and each one depends on the layer underneath it to support.


TOOLKIT | 2020: OnlineFreeTools

BOOKS | 2020: Learn To Code Together

BOOKS | 2020: Learn Code The Hard Way 

BOOKS | 2020: FIND THE BEST PYTHON BOOKS - Updated monthly!

While the basis for education in the last millennium was "reading, writing, and arithmetic", now it became evidently reading, writing, and computing. Self-taught experiences stimulate autonomous solutions. When you teach yourself, your cognitive load doubles because it commits the information to memory and requires some kind of structured mental plan and practice until objectively know your strengths and weakness's. I´m Continuous learning new skills, either in Motion Graphics or programming web languages (JavaScript- three.js / OpenGL / WebGL) in order to integrate and create more interactive and creative VR and AR projects -. It's not something that is taught and repeated at school, but only comes into place with constantly staying up to date research , comparison data analise and practice - creating projects. It takes time consuming to create and to complete planning / process that demands documentation : The importance of complete and accurate documentation can’t be overstated. The old saying “if you didn’t write it down, it didn’t happen” are truly words to live by in this industry ; but also, discipline, in between creativity and guts to fail better; Above all persistence - Qualities I value and makes me valuable.

"People still argue about what programming is: mathematics or engineering? Craft, art, or science? We certainly argue—often with great vehemence—about the best way to do it: the Internet overflows with blog articles and forum postings about this or that way of writing code. And bookstores are chock-a-block with books about new programming languages, new methodologies, new ways of thinking about the task of programming. " Peter Seibel

In Nature, In Code teaches programming in JavaScript by implementing key concepts in biology (natural selection, genetic drift, epidemics, evolution of cooperation, etc.) everything runs on the browser. - While the web was developed, the early HTML language has evolved dramatically. A good web page experience typically involves more than just HTML. One of those ways to add more interactivity is via JavaScript. Great code is readable, bug-free, and maintainable.

RESEARCH | 2020: Augmented reality meant augmented humanity.

RESOURCES | 2020: From CG VR production, to 360 video, live streaming and post production.

RESOURCES | 2020: Drag-and-drop interactive digital elements, including video messages, music clips, interactive photo , Web and social network links, and much more!"

Everyone loves stories to which they can relate, so If you’re curious about life as a programmer than Coders at Work is the book for you. The author, Peter Seibel (a programmer turned writer), collected interviewees to open up about the famous projects that they worked on and the inspiring stories behind them. Coders at Work gives a peek into what makes some of the greatest programmers tick and how they think.

The author of Zero Bugs spent two years researching every bug avoidance technique she could find. This book contains the best of them! It includes useful tips and techniques, and presents information in an easy-to-digest way and brought to life with stories and metaphors that make it a really enjoyable (and memorable) read.

" If you've ever spent hours renaming files or updating hundreds of spreadsheet cells, you know how tedious tasks like these can be. But what if you could have your computer do them for you? " - In Automate the Boring Stuff with Python. "Step-by-step instructions walk you through each program, and updated practice projects at the end of each chapter challenge you to improve those programs and use your newfound skills to automate similar tasks."

RESOURCES | VR BOOKS : Avatars at Work and Play - Collaboration and Interaction in Shared Virtual Environments - Schroeder R., Axelsson

As a programmer it was important for me to understand how a project is disclosed and understand how it completed the knowledge I had on video and sound production. Building software, has been as much about people as it has been about materials or technology. Programming helps you understand computers; If you learn how to write simple programs, you will gain more knowledge about how it works. Developing a program involves steps similar to any problem-solving task: Five main ingredients in the programming process: 1. Defining the problem - the interpretation of it -: Identify User Stories ; Identify the Nouns in the user stories ; Identify the Verbs of the user stories ; This Model is the reality of the organisation : Different business will have different objects - in one company "address" might be an object and you might have "address type" (invoice, shipping, etc), in another there will be "invoice address", "shipping address" and "seller address" object, that company might need these objects as they will inherit from the base "address" object. 2. Planning the solution: Put together object interaction diagram ; Put together object responsibilities diagram ; Put together class digram UML ( shows methods, class names, dependencies, interfaces and composition , reflecting only on the most complex / interesting parts of the model; the attributes and other details will naturally emerge when coding ) ; 3. Coding the program : Strengthening your domain: The double dispatch pattern 4. Testing the program ( Accreditation versus Certification : only tools that have been tested and proven reliable should be used when processing a case. This testing procedure is known as validation ); 5. Documenting the project : both software and hardware tools /photograph the evidence, we’ll also be taking detailed notes of our actions along with any potential evidence we find , conscient that What you write in those notes matters to other people involved .~

LIÇÕES APREENDIDAS | 2020: : "Problems are obstacles and challenges that one should overcome to reach the goal. They are an inseparable part of any business, and the success of an enterprise often depends on ability to solve all problems effectively. The process of problem solving often uses rational approach, helping to find a suitable solution. "

LIÇÕES APREENDIDAS | 2020:: - How to make accountability a core part of your workplace culture | 2020

A project is a temporary effort that includes multiple tasks. It is a way of organizing resource. A space where a group of individuals who are assembled to the scalibility of the architecture module, perform different tasks on a common set of objectives for a defined period of time. It also presents different phases: a beginning, middle and end . Respecting the Life cycle will Determine if a product succeed (Cost/Volume/Profit Relationships) and how each person responds efficiently and with sense of responsibility and involvement / engagement ( critic and creative thinking ). I learnt the hard way, that there are Different times on the software life cycle due to multiple entities — from design time by a developer to runtime by an end user. A binding time decision establishes the scope : the point on the life cycle - and the mechanism for achieving the variation.

Understanding how to create a software development project depends on the implementation of an organized plan: trackled and governed throughout challenging Teams . The software architect and the project manager responsible to coordinate and oversee the implementation process are crucial, because there is a need for an explicit coordination strategy ; which means they have a set of "structures" needed to reason about the system that comprise software elements, relations among them, and properties of both ( Quality Attributes Affected : modifiability; “Subsetability” ; extensibility ; Portability; performance; Interoperability; availability ; Development efficiency ) - formal methods are needed for co-located development; tradeoffs between schedule, function, and cost. The progress is usually tracked by both formal metrics and informal communication mechanisms. The issue of who has control over a particular portion of the system may prevent some business goals from being realized.

■ Deployment structure , shows how software is assigned to hardware processing and communication elements ( Module structures ;Component-and-connector structures ; Allocation structures ) . ■ Implementation structure, shows how software elements (usually modules) are mapped to the file structure(s) in the system’s development, integration, or configuration control environments. ■ Work assignment structure, assigns responsibility for implementing and integrating the modules to the teams who will carry it out.

Image Footnote : Business process management is neither task management (which focuses on individual tasks) or project management (which handles one-time or unpredictable flows). Task management is about handling or organizing a set of activities that arise out of a project.

However, writing a business plan too early—without having a fully developed product or clearly defined customers—will create very little value. Instead, refining the creative idea, verifying the market demand, and defining a business model are all critical to the process - in Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers Paperback by Alexander Osterwalder  

“Just because your product is perfect in your mind doesn’t mean others will feel the same way. If you are too eager to launch, too eager to your product on the news, it could bite you in the back soon enough.”

— INC. Magazine Online
- “5 Critical Success Factors for Early Stage Startups,” April 22, 2015

Projects need a leader who can define the work objectives and criteria for success and recruit staff from all relevant areas of expertise. The need to organize a project is most apparent when more than two departments contribute resource at the same time. Leadership refers to the ability of an individual to influence, motivate, and enable others to contribute toward the effectiveness and success of the organizations of which they are members. “Good leaders improve their emotional intelligence by making a concerted effort to understand the reasons behind an employee’s behavior. It could be a lack of trust, a bad past experience or a fear behind a bad decision. When you understand this, it’s easier to react with dignity to any type of situation.” – Vladimir Gendelman, Founder & CEO of CompanyFolders.

Image Footnote on Priority levels of issues alerts: Models are used to search for an acceptable solution. Live Maps  is a knowledge acquisition activity , that groups project structure and application-related alerts into service-oriented dashboards, that organizes what’s critical to resolve in anticipation and priority levels. The process delivers efficient, live and transparent data, enabling users to instantly see their work in process: services available, the timeframes when they can be delivered, and the costs involved in project. A comprehensive planning map also allows IT administrators to create service dependencies, or to establish relationships between applications, infrastructure components, and services. In addition to the obvious automation benefits, service dependencies help instantly identify the root cause of any problem that might occur. A map to the buildability, stability of the cycle dependencies and cohesion-security of the application / project. Software engineers also need to capture the context in which decisions were made and the rationale behind these decisions.

LIÇÕES APREENDIDAS | 2020: - Delivering an optimum quality product, be it software or hardware, is a tedious task. A product has to undergo and pass through various stages of planning, development and testing to ensure that the final product delivered is best in terms of quality and performance. Difference Between White-Box and Black-Box Testing : A Complete Guide With Techniques, Examples, & Tools

LIÇÕES APREENDIDAS | 2020: : To achieve Quality of today’s software it's expendable Software Testing, Software Validation, and Software Verification. The average software product released on the market is not error free! We need to specify the desired behavior first before project start. Software testing is essential for identifying potential weaknesses in structure of the application.

The same way , synchronization of the concurrent subtasks on an overall task are not completely independent of each other : If there is no coordination mechanism, working systems cannot achieve the expected performance due to the inappropriate task execution sequence. Agile methodologies plan, track work records and simplifies the implementation of complex tasks - coordinating various itenerations throughout design, implementation, and deployment. No quality attribute is entirely dependent on design, nor is it entirely dependent on implementation or deployment. A good architecture is necessary, but not sufficient, to ensure quality. 

"Designers have developed a number of techniques to avoid being captured by too facile a solution. They take the original problem as a suggestion, not as a final statement, then think broadly about what the real issues underlying this problem statement might really be (for example by using the "Five Whys" approach (the cause-and-effect relationships underlying a particular problem ) to get at root causes). Most important of all, is that the process is iterative and expansive. Designers resist the temptation to jump immediately to a solution to the stated problem. Instead, they first spend time determining what the basic, fundamental (root) issue is that needs to be addressed. They don't try to search for a solution until they have determined the real problem, and even then, instead of solving that problem, they stop to consider a wide range of potential solutions. Only then will they finally converge upon their proposal. This process is called "Design Thinking."

– Don Norman, Rethinking Design Thinking.

Using Task Context to Improve Programmer Productivity : People get overwhelmed when they try to work on big projects, without breaking it down into tasks and organize it according to requirement conditions. For most of the team members and client, it might be easier to ignore the phase if they intend to work alone, but for many makers and creatives as a teamwork that involves other people, it's the only way to see the big project and move towards your bigger goal. This is a recipe for overwhelm and feeling bad about your workday: the difference between feeling awesome or feeling awful about your workday. The task is continuous and with flexible deadlines. These are fundamental details to differentiate a project from a task. These concepts help to design methodology for reliable software systems. Documentation is needed to supplement human memory and to help organize program planning. Also, documentation is critical to communicate with others who have an interest on the program, especially those who may be part of a programming team. And, since turnover is high in the computer industry, written documentation is needed so that those who come after you can make any necessary modifications in the program or track down any errors that you missed.

“ The documents record decisions made and agreed upon orally; they create a paper trail. More important, the process of writing a document turns a vague idea into an explicit plan. Even if no one reads it at all, an idea written down is a decision made, a conclusion reached. If a feature of a game is not described in writing, there’s a good chance that it has been overlooked and that someone will have to make it up on the fly—or, worse, that each part of the team will have a different idea of what they intended to do.”

"When working on a large software system, a programmer typically spends an inordinate amount of time sifting through thousands of artifacts to find just the subset of information needed to complete an assigned task. All too often, before completing the task the programmer must switch to working on a different task. These task switches waste time as the programmer must repeatedly find and identify the information relevant to the task-at-hand. It's important to understand mechanisms that captures, models, and persists the elements and relations relevant to a task. Understand how our task context model reduces information overload and focuses a programmer’s work by filtering and ranking the information presented by the development environment. A task context is created by monitoring a programmer’s activity and extracting the structural relationships of program artifacts. Operations on task contexts integrate with development environment features, such as structure display, search, and change management. Report a statistically significant improvement in the productivity - documentation."
in site (other lectures on System Programmer) <------ click to site

LIÇÕES APREENDIDAS | 2020: - Teamwork does not happen on its own. | 2020: 7 ways to create a culture of teamwork workplace .

Which reminds me The Backbone Guideline Business Plan : the path to ensure the success of creating a project and how Some experiences proceed other, although hard it may have felt to take some decisions, tend to draw more process errors into greater proportions - due to unhealthy synchronized planning - thought, this should not be focused about "failure", but a dangerous way to warranty integrity and safeguard yourself or ensure that in the process of creating a project, every element of the team can grow from a human and professional point of view - These soft skills in spite of good or bad experiences, turn evident that the #bad one's are not only an effect and cause of risk experience but most of all, an opportunity to understand that it can also teach you soft skills : on how to look to a problem outside the borders. Embedding a knowledge of risk management into the day-to-day practices increases better planning, strategy, policy and decisions. An increasing effect on the overall health and performance of your organization. Managing Risk throughout the Organization is a way to safeguard yourself by preparing for the possibility of failure or danger. Adapting the attitudes and values of the organization to become more aware of risk, means one can develop a better sense of the nature of uncertainty as a core business issue.

Everything has a deadline - No matter who you work for or how big your project, knowing what to tackle first when you’ve got lots of tasks is tough for any project manager. Project prioritization gives you and your team an understanding-follow plan for the work that needs to be done. In large-scale projects, risk management strategies might include extensive detailed planning for each risk to ensure mitigation strategies are in place if issues arise. For smaller projects, risk management might mean a simple, prioritized list of high, medium and low priority risks.

Projects “loose identity and impulse” if this is not considered at all. Projects breath and suffocate on their own, the same way as people do. Even quick responds to specific event needs to be planned and documented in a reasonable consideration. It's what determines the Quality. Knowledge and requisites for the requirements, come before action : : it is more secure for the task to already have been taken in consideration different handy backups that support technology and responsive requirements to avoid problematic situations - preventing with solutions before giving space to failure helps to engage to a constructive healthy workspace: the requisites/ management requirements for the success at work, in broader terms than skills.

The project manager is like the conductor in an orchestra who guarantees an optimal performance of the team. When organization is neglected , this is what happens: - #1 -No clear deadlines (apart from the delivery date): "Every one of us had not an exact picture of what all the other members were doing"; "What were the milestones of the project? For what day? And what features should be dropped if we were late for a milestone? This was not much clear"; -#2 - No coordination between the teams: "Every one of us had not always a clear list of his tasks." "Sometimes I had to understand what I had to do by reading various chats, were all that was to be done was scattered a bit here and a bit there in conversation with other people"; "We had no clear idea of the timing since day 1 ". - #3 - No one has a clear overview of what is happening and can make all people work as cogs of a big machinery: "We didn’t always know who should we refer to if we had problems with something";

The distancing of vision between team members is dangerous for the project.

Things I've learnt throughout the process of creating programming projects and organizing personal amounts of media contents : The first Question that should be taken in a productive perspective, instead of blaming someone for the organization planning for something that went wrong, should be: "Is this wise ? how can we make it better ? ~ how do you work towards resolving the unknown? " Solutions should be more focused than Problems.

Image source: TOOLKIT | 2020 : Improve Your Business Modeling with a PDF to Excel Converter

The same way that when you build a network without planning, you end up with a big mess—wires running every which way, wires connected to who knows what? - Problem management, can be either reactive or proactive. Reactive management occurs when problems have already caused incidents and steps must be taken to resolve the current incident and prevent future incidents. Proactive management includes solving problems before they are noticed by service users (i.e. before they cause incidents), as well as activities such as auditing code to find bugs.

Have you ever wonder why some projects seem able to make huge changes and still ship promptly, while others collapse under the weight of their own code? - How to Identify and track risks on the project - performance evaluation and programming Language Synchronicity : Project risk management, is the process of identifying, analyzing and then responding to any risk that arises over the life cycle of a project to help the project remain on track and meet its goal. Risk management isn’t reactive only; it should be part of the planning process to figure out risk that might happen and how to control the project, if it in fact occurs. It's what will make future resolutions be possible for growth management. It's wiser to involve entire project team together, some clients representatives on the project, and perhaps some other vendors who might be integrating with your project. Get them all in the room together and do a risk identification session. Issues will inevitably come up, and need a mitigation strategy in place to know how to manage risks on the project. If there are ambiguous intention, than people will assume it's just a temporary strategic attitude that will put their person at risk or not to be taken seriously, because the intention to create value appear to be all superficial like an iceberg. Testing detects faults in the system, including those introduced during changes to the system or its requirements. Testing activities include unit testing, integration testing, and system testing. Risk-based development attempts to anticipate surprises late in a project by identifying the high-risk components. Issue-based development attempts to remove the linearity altogether. Any development activity—analysis, system design, object design, implementation, testing, or delivery—can influence any other activity.

RESEARCH | 2020: - Defect Severity And Priority In Testing With Examples And Difference

OPINION | 2020: Risk Impact/Probability Charts / Learning to Prioritize Risks

Web development
Web design
Kanban Boards for Managing & Prioritizing Risks
In a world where everyone wants to be the first - Responsibility is an essential element of integrity - but also the congruence of what you think, what you say, and what you do. These qualities allow the team to promote the efficient sharing of vital information to improve understanding. For me, Ethical integrity is essential to promoting a healthy collaborative environment among the project: To assure trust and product quality.

My journey as a Technological adventurer was almost a self discovering journey. It has not been an easy one - but I did always stay understanding and persistent; It's important to respect everyone involved in a Teamwork , to help others also succeed is a gratification besided contribution to project value. Human qualities matter: So, I try to reach every person in it's essence , letting them be themselves ~ Also, facilitate hardware and software knowledge - human and technological resources that make something reliable and with conditions to work take place and time for oneself to grow as a human and professional - giving enough space to express full potential honestly and room to live a life with dignity - I prefer opt-out In feeling valuable by creating a value that I understand and not feel used by a disrespectful systems. I also think It's important for a team to be organized and understand how they can help one another by assuming organization as a form of respect towards other coworkers life , time and productivity -. into a state of working synchronously.

Humility, is accepting the divergent thinking and look for bridges of contact or understanding; sharing knowledge in a constructive way. My curious Nature leads me to continuous studding new skills to improve my perspectives on life as a creator, and not because I feel above other. As a Perfectionist, I learn with my mistakes ( looking in perspective). Also, try not to be only surrounded by people who feed my vision - aware that it may cause a self-induced blindness - perception of reality. I respect different cultures. People are composed of a universe of experiences shaped by its context among other factors: such as Perception, memory and action , that are all part of the same integrated system. We remember experiences that have meaning to ourselves, in order to make future predictions by matching current perceptions to those past experiences. We are better at recognizing things previously experienced than we are at recalling them from memory . Meaning comes from predictive ability, emotional salience and context. Our senses help us create meaning, but they are far from perfect.

I also learnt by trying new approaches based on intuition and sensibility. In most cases, people who try new creative approaches ( technical and artistic) are missunderstood for a while, but after a period of maturuty cycle phase, they tend to reflect it's true value essence. Most of my audiovisual projects try to research & disconstruct the meaning of ""error"" and ""improvisation" in souund and turbulent movements.) - not everything of my being are adaptable qualities: I consider myself flexible and understanding to a certain limit ( I separate personal and professional issues very strictly), but I do have most difficult hard time in creating quality and value in a chaotic, disrespectful - corrosive workspace ( it's what makes me decide to stay or leave - safeguard my integrity ) - so for me, it's important, aspects that improve communication : discipline, respect, planning, sense of integration , deadlines for tasks with ethical integrity and conduct : Clear and consistent thinking and expression can also be flexible. Some people don't distinguish the borders of Ethics and flexibility - that can be very hard people to deal with. People are different from one another, but those who are flexible know how to distinguish what is ethical right or wrong - for me it's not about doing what it takes for the money without thinking about the consequences. It's also important technicians understand the requisites and potential of their equipment, so that error and damage issues with equipment can be minimized and productivity maximized.


OPINION | Employee Emotions Aren’t Noise — They’re Data : Emotions provide insight into what motivates people and how to improve performance.

In my opinion , The job has to be ethical valuable: Rational understood, valuing reason, respect for facts, and valid logic. Gather validating documentation and research. When Developing and applying a coherent theory of knowledge to a project It's important to respect the other persons workspace : access the right tools and not promise things that are not happening. Ideas, choices, and actions do matter and have consequences Instead of blaming or victimizing toxic manifestations - Actually this kind of attitude displays a social mask attempts, to shift and hide responsibility. For me, is more important to look more deeply and more broadly for what is worth true attention. Some attitudes also reveal the fragility of being in a stressful situation. People aren't super heroes (; that's something kids try to convince themselves , with Disneyland ticket sellers), and everyone has their bad day... I believe it's important to be honest so that everyone can have space to be their "productive selves" - deal with the ambiguities of actual problems - Managing Change. Software systems are complex creations : They perform many functions; they are built toachieve many different, and often conflicting objectives ; they need to be updated when errors are discovered and when the developers have a better understanding of the application. .

LEARNED LESSONS | 2020:  “If you have more than three priorities, you don’t have any.” Determining these priorities and how they’re going to be measured is arguably the most important job of a team leader because most of the work that everybody does will flow from those goals. Those priorities have to be lined up as carefully as the trajectory of a rocket launch, because even the slightest miscalculation can take a team off-course over time. " How to Build a Successful Team By Adam Bryant / Illustrations by Julia Yellow

Delegation is a form of responsibility - it must come in use as a trust element between coworkers - understanding that every task has it's own complexity and is time consuming experience. Distractions to the obligations can cause a reflective bad effect on the quality of the work and sometimes can be overwhelming - exhausting & corrosive. All employees - at whatever level they are - should have the chance to understand each other work; even achieve mutual success in a win-win game . Effects and outcomes have causes and consequences to the project. in my point of view human element is more effective than the artificial. Time , organization and management are important keys for a project success and if everyone stays true to it's personal goals and the company values, things will work out synchronously with less overwhelming and anxiety. This is essential for reciprocity, trust, and for maintaining symmetric relationships. It also helps to join together the right people and stakeholder for a project. It's a road to create value.

“Integrity matters in three ways: leaders with great integrity foster critical trust amongst colleagues and direct deports, and demonstrate a commitment to moral and ethical behaviors. Leaders who do NOT value integrity will not gain the trust and buy-in of their teams and colleagues, which will negatively impact engagement and performance. And leading with integrity doesn’t mean never making mistakes, but recognizing and owning them, which leads to continual self-development, and demonstrates humility to others" -Jenna M. Rosenberg, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources at Vision Federal Credit Union

OPINION | 2020: Conflict of interest arises when we have incentives that conflict with our professional duties and responsibilities in ways that cause harm to others and to society. To make good decisions, we must be aware of the biases and pressures that influence our thinking. Behavioral ethics concepts and general ethics principles that inform our choices and actions.

CHOOSE TECHNOLGY WISELY : Digital Optimization

PART II - Invention vs Innovation || Quality vs Value | Lx, May , 2020

# Blends of Data: Combining Sources to Gain Better Insight - For data travelers , knowledge explorers and hungry network-loving life-forms - Who's Encountering, Experiencing and Exploring Nature - like to get to the bottom of things .

# Update Insights on July 2020

“If you are curious, you will find all kinds of puzzles around you. If you are determined, you will solve them.” Erno Rubik

The hybridism in technology brought new challenges,
generating a massive creative graphic media and content, including websites, videos and social media posts that demand compatible data medium , and computing hardware upgrade . Consequently, the change in hardware design due to physical constrains in chip manufacturing has had an impact on software development : GPU performance and the instructions of ordinary CPU processors - that add, move data and branch have changed from a single-core to a multi-core design, increasing overall speed for programs that support multithreading or other parallel computing techniques: — such as, WebGPU the successor to WebGL - ; A growing number of tools and computable platforms , advances such as faster processors, high-speed networks, and large memory capacities have created a spiral of complexity through which computer scientists explore and think critically about the overload of information that give insight into the problems of appropriating content returns from industries with blurred boundaries between public goods and private investments ( Open source software license versus proprietary software).

When confronted with market changes ,  design interaction and digital technologies - both present opportunities and challenge systems to improve its performance and vulnerabilities - Pros & Cons such as : Shorter development time ; Exposure to a larger number of users ; Updates synchronization; Performance ; Steep learning curve; Limited support of 3rd-party libraries. It’s just that too many factors, including the mobile application feature set and expected workload, come into play when you make the decision to replatform your software or integrate a newly built app into an existing IT infrastructure.

The question is, what is the right technology stack for YOUR project? Choosing in between Development Tools that can be Hybrid or Cross-platform vs Native Mobile App .
Balanced Business Agility turns out to be digital transformation in face of any disruption. Self-organization leads to adaptation and drives innovation instead of chaos: insights can arise from the most unexpected sources. So, Just as a professional athlete doesn’t show up without a solid game plan, Thee lack of an adequate project scope, underestimating the time and effort required to deliver a task can turn a challenging project into a hellish project. Exagerated media content , eventually exaust potential clients attention, but also create confusion of data or even misinformation. My concern is to design systems that are robust and adaptable enough : the network must have low inference time to process each frame of the high frame rate video in real-time, using reasonable equipment like a machine with a single GPU. ; creative and responsive when faced with an array of possible scenarios , as a response to the interacting agents, whose collective behaviour is usually hard to predict because of the constant change / wide effects - Good software design is a never ending learning process but the wrong technology can eat up valuable time, resources, and mental bandwidth, or worse, operating in an environment of thin margins, the wrong tech investments today can have strategy and financial implications that ripple for years. There are thousands of tangible and intangible technology innovations and assets now available  from new equipment to robotics, software, business intelligence tools, wearables, and sensors - expanding " ambient computer" market where all devices , including phones, smart home devices and other IOT ; With applications distributed among desktops using myriad operating systems, programs, and browser versions, it has become increasingly important for users to be system-agnostic, for Information Technology groups to be able to support any system from anywhere, and for application developers to be able to operate on any system.

Again, the result is - Gearing up for the next big ecosystem battle : the pulse race for rendering power, Lower latency and stable connections , namely with the emergency of 5G implentation, capable of conecting various smart technology - Powering Smart Cities . Smart inter(urban) - shared mobility systems may well use an estimated simulation of the future orientation and position , as the data used in updating the display could shorten the perceived latency with Machine learning and A.I Algorithms automations ( ex. Dead reckoning; Kalman predictor; Alpha-beta-gamma - ABG - predictor ), which has always been at the center of the pipeline designs . Latency can come from multiple sources, such as: Sensor delays (e.g. gyroscope) / Processing sensor-fusion algorithm delays ; whenever erroneous software or hardware-based low-pass algorithms are executed; Transmission / Rendering / Frame rate delays - If a display is operating at 100Hz, for instance, there is a 10 mSec time from one frame to the next. The current problem relies on the fact that in order to connect to and get the benefits of a 5G network, consumers have to have 5G-enabled devices - this triggers not only security issues but also political / cultural & economic divergences (hyper-globalization) . The main reason why it's so crucial the debate over the conflicts between countries that opt between democracy's utupia or dystopian strategy.

Eventually, we’ll be connected to a metaverse - an open ecosystem, explorable across different platforms, devices, and engines - , extending our senses of sight, sound, and touch; blending digital items into the physical world, or popping into fully immersive 3D environments . Living in a optimized world requires to start identifying what predictive questions you are looking to answer, and more importantly, what you are looking to do with that information.

“Digital transformation is not just the IT department’s job; it requires having a team come together to redefine how to access and use data for business results,” says Dave Ulrich, Rensis Likert professor at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.

RESOURCES COLLECTION | 2020 : RETHINKING DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION / Putting digital transformation into practice in 2020 : culture , process and technology













Invention vs Innovation - Part I

Invention vs Innovation - Part I

As our society becomes into a more complex system, it needs even more specialized individuals , who are rendered incapable of knowing how systems fit together ----> This turns out to be a contradictable frustrating loop - instead of innovating business models imposed from modern society , actually delay workflow executions by fostering a false sense of value / culture - because, even understanding very specific domains requires the abstracting away of details - otherwise, we just don’t have the mental bandwidth to grasp anything at all, as we inevitably gloss over important details, especially those that would help connect one set of questions to another.

Todays Social media and hashtags enjoys a phenomenal success - From graphics, blog post images, Instagram Stories, and Reporting Tools , influencers Engagement Rate = ((Likes + Comments) / Total Followers) x 100 ) - Streamline Workflows include the results of campaigns, such as engagement rate, link clicks with media kit stats updating automatically to generating cross-platform reporting, or even items sold that actively promotes life for the sake of pleasure that should be gotten mainly from consuming - through imitation of other social groups’ style of living / TV stars and businessmen personal trainers focused on “behaviour change” - social acceleration - : on purchasing new gadgets, trendy perfumes, or non-stick frying pans. At the same time, they impose a sense of model on peoples behavior, faking reality with the use of double bind dilemma in communication arguments : as they realised that most people now live to get a new "toy" right here and right now - Although, Quality Boosts ( Supercharge ) Business that Quantity ( vagueness / emptiness ) can't match, some reasonable but uncomfortable questions about social marketing re-examine the balance between the “wants” of individuals with the “needs” of society, can be quite disappointing - while today's social indifference doesn’t care that once you purchase the latest iPhone you’ll have to starve or eat instant noodles for 12 months, and that an expensive car will mostly sit in a garage because its owner won’t have enough money for its service or even other competitors - The Opposite of open Network, it closes into itself service ( financially unattractive to established company’s ) - fending off competitors takes all the resources a company has , feeds a greedy sense of selfish-blind beeing.

Questions arise: " How do organisations articulate and realize their social media marketing objectives? What are their objectives, e.g. brand building, attracting advocates, increasing sales, enhancing visibility, cultivating community communication? Are objective short-term or long-term? "; How can client firms work effectively with their portfolio of marketing agencies to integrate SMM into the wider marketing communications? How is campaign success measured? Can different styles of communication be characterized, and if so, are some more successful for marketing than others? How can it contribute to the authenticity and trust that consumers place in the brand? What factors affect the success and impact of endorsement?

The Smart watch is one example of the most popular wearable devices now, mainly because of it's interconnectability to tv , camera or other smart home electronic devices. Along with battery life and security , thermal safety for balanced performance of a higher power consumption is the most common concern. There are also problems created on the cross platform compatibility programming : data may enter an information system in a variety of different ways, while some might drain the battery or affect hardware components to its physical limits - then the cost might not be justified. App performance can vary between different Android or smartwatches devices, because they use different chipsets, and GPUs based on different Mali architectures. Developers keep talking about a watch face that was built with "Tizen Studio", or "the IDE" (Integrated Development Environment) , "GWD" ( Galaxy Watch Studio) or even "Gear Watch Designer", a "web app", a "programmed face" or maybe only a "dev face" , but what this actually means is the way a watch face was developed affects its functionality or update capabilities - Samsung's different APIs (application programming interfaces) let to take control over the watch's hardware and software capabilities . Your app may render at 60fps on a Galaxy, but how will it perform on another brand ? Similarly, you may need to optimize an app to run at lower frame rates on different Galaxy models, which are often found in emerging markets , with tools capable of monitoring / advise - analyse tune rendering - improve optimization code for performance analysis. Though, 99% of the watch faces you'll find in store are built with GWD, and only 1% are programmed in Tizen Studio, there are two "major approaches" to create a watch face, and they are based on different software tools: 1. "Native" watch faces built with Samsung's Gear Watch Designer (or just GWD); 2. "Web-app" watch faces programmed with Samsung's Tizen Studio (or just "the IDE") - . The same way that Adaptive Performance API - tracks the average GPU and overall frame times through the properties: based on values, the API also determines the current performance bottleneck , so that you can adjust the the game content at runtime in a more targeted way. For example , in a GPU bound application lowering the rendering resolution often improves the framerate significantly, while the same change may not make a big different in a purely CPU bound application. ---- "Developers should pay close attention to their game’s performance on players’ devices, especially when building more complex mobile games. After all, performance issues can affect gameplay and drain the device’s battery. An excessive amount of heat generated by mobile phones, more specifically, can also cause thermal throttling, which leads to dropped frame rates – an issue that is tough to recover from. So why does thermal throttling affect your mobile games performance?"

Disruptive technologies in emerging markets look at the world quite differently, though recognizing the pattern and figuring out how to break it are two different things . Each time a disruptive technology emerged, between one-half and two-thirds of the established manufacturers failed to introduce models employing the new architecture — in contrast to sustaining technologies . " The innovator’s dilemma ” is a tough choice that any company faces when it has to choose between holding onto an existing market by doing the same, yet slightly better (sustaining innovation), or capturing new markets by embracing new technologies and adopting new business models (disruptive innovation). Being selfish is not always a bad thing - sometimes, it brings out the best in you which in turn allows you to bring out the best in others, but in this context, everyone looses something with a broken disruptive system - it's not a win-win game. Managers must also beware of ignoring new technologies that don’t initially meet the needs of their mainstream customers. In order to achieve cutting-edge innovation within a company while creating a long-lasting business advantage, the latter should aspire to achieve both revolution ( Disruptive) and evolution (Sustaining Innovation ) . In a world that is increasingly mobile interconnected , multitude diverse or intercultural - the relation of all the kinesthetic system processing due to the accelerated times , forces the deconstruction of movement and action from an outside angle - critical thinking skills - replace a more passive form of intersecting points of view.

Throughout a Computer Science Perspective : Knowing how memory is allocated might make you a better programmer and control over your workspace, than solving everyday problems without code ( drag-and-drop tools that enable businesses to develop software quickly) . Similar to when the digital camera came on the scene - Facilitating meant it democratized photography , the minute anyone could take photos without worrying about focus or lighting in each shot. Except that the problems of appropriating returns increases from industries with blurred boundaries between public goods and private investments, whenever you gather any relevant data in collective intelligence data scrap booking, as you incorporate it to your code - This means that, if anyone happens to have a good idea, the idea belongs to the software owner, and it remains into the public domain. OSS licenses allowed consumers to use the software, modify it within certain parameters, and then redistribute the edited software under the same licensed terms. The next generation lives under a puzzling phenomenon of collective intelligence , either throughout appropriation or appropriability content in Open Source Software , that is mainly maintained and improved by developers and users who voluntarily divulge their efforts to others with the genuine interest in making the fruits of their labour free and publicly available .

This is a characteristic of a public good, given the non-excludability and non-rivalry nature of OSS, but the problem issue starts when some firms try a variety of approaches to appropriate adequate returns, and suggest that selling services is the dominant trend. Firms also balance the relative inefficiency of traditional means of intellectual property rights such as patents by putting greater emphasis on first-mover advantages and creating network externalities. Though , Open source is less likely to work for projects with a large number of tasks to development.

Everyday, I continuously spare time training myself on questions about High-scale Web Apps such as Software Architecture, System Design, Distributed Systems, Design Patterns algorithm and data structures, Scalability, Security, Data Stores, Containers, APIs, SDKs, and also read recent topics of Full Stack Platform for software engineering such as generative art , Iots , Proxies and Other Network Intermediaries, artificial intelligence and machine learning. I register it on my journey diary as documentation for my future interactive journal app, retouching subjects - making new connections, until it reaches maturity as I share some experiences. Modern web applications require more interactivity than ever before for client/server communications which requires constant research and coding reformulations on modern tools and techniques - understanding the capabilities of today’s web communication technologies ; deciding what to choose for the next web API design - web frameworks and environments.

Aware of how The Web landscape is evolving and Browser's are continually improving new features that are constantly being released: modern APIs allow us to access hardware and sensor APIs  (PWAs); BackgroundSync Web API - RFB protocol over WebSocket , written in JavaScript, that allows users to queue data that needs to be sent to the server, while a user is working offline,and then as soon as they’re online again, it sends the queued data to the server - that lets diversification of actions until the user founds a stable connectivity, which makes it great for ensuring sent data ; Dynamic web pages allowed web technologies to be used to create interactive web applications - that experience modern web technologies—from handling real-time social network feeds to manipulating third-party video player APIs to dealing with contracts and transactions - . There are many applications like stock applications where the data keeps updating in real time , Blockchain network - distributed computing to blockchain technologies -
that created Coinbase Commerce such as ethereum --- Web3.js is a JavaScript interface to the Ethereum blockchain or MetaMask - the easiest way to interact with dapps in a browser. - ---- Minecraft or Second Life, Decentraland launched by Streamium and Bitcore from the creators Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano, are examples of a 3D space powered by cryptocurrency - blockchain-based virtual reality platform hosted on Ethereum’s decentralized servers was held in December 2017, and its second LAND auction occurred December 2018. The world is rendered using BitTorrent and Kademlia DHT networks too, making it a combination of blockchain and torrent P2P technology, native ERC-20 cryptocurrency token. - where you can build virtual worlds in a standard web browser, play games, explore museums , attend live concerts or events, etc. You can buy and sell properties, create and sell virtual art for the art galleries, or build worlds. Several business have invested in virtual land , and are willing to pay skilled builders to develop it.

The streaming paradigm shift began with music . As Consumers have more digital media options than ever, it's about the architectural elasticity of resources as many are becoming frustrated by the complexity and effort piecing together their entertainment experience requires - while different design criterias - API and the cloud are enabling the media supply chains of the future like blockchain’s paradigm shift , that emerges to be a useful technology for many applications that require accountability of transactions, and appear to have a severe effect on video streaming technology. " Blockchain is a subclass of DLT containing a particular type of data structure that allows storing and transmitting data in the form of blocks that are linked to each other in a digital chain. A key component of blockchain is the use of cryptographic and algorithmic methods to record and synchronise data across all participating nodes in the network in an immutable manner". OpenstreetVR is a Blockchain based 360 Image View for Virtual Reality (VR) - an eco-power friendly, highly scalable, decentralized, merit based consensus engine for content identification, tracking and transfer of 360 panorama stills, videos and soon live streams XR media (Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality).OVR is built using Babylon.js (a high performance, GPU enabled, open source WebVR gaming engine) allowing display of animated virtual objects integrated with 360 content directly in the Windows Edge browser without the need for a custom app. It Rewards users with geoStreet tokens for capturing and uploading street level 360 views of the world’s 39 million kilometres of roadways and paths - implementing a blockchain, to lock down and track all content transactions on the site and a cryptocurrency to incentivize users for creating the immersive 360 street level content. Miners are rewarded OSXR coin for maintaining the ledger of uploaded content and token transactions. A geoMarket token powers the e-commerce side of the site.

Overall, predictive analytics algorithms can be separated into two groups: machine learning and deep learning - estimating numeric value for new data based on learnings from historical data to identify risks and opportunities. It answers this question: “What is most likely to happen based on my current data, and what can I do to change that outcome?” . While Predictive analytics works by learning the patterns that exist in your historical data, then using those patterns to predict future outcomes it finds even more paths of options to consider , Predictive tracking is the algorithmic process of predicting the future orientation and/or position of an object or body part , refers to the time between movement and when that movement is reflected on the display , that will be as useful and commonly-used technique for reducing latency : The object might be recognized with a camera, but it takes time for the camera to capture the frame, for a processor to determine where the object is in the frame and for a graphics chip to render the new location of the overlay. By using predictive tracking, you can potentially reduce the movement of the overlay compared to the real world . Both give insight, and even probabilistic foresight to support decision-making - decision analysis , optimization, transactional profiling, and predictive modeling. It offers implementations, that require some thought and analysis, but is essential to achieving a low latency tracking in today’s VR and AR systems. EXtended Reality (XR) hardware such as glasses, haptics and omni treadmills now use NVIDIA’s Omniverse , in order to combine open file formats like Pixar’s Universal Scene Description with network services , that you can connect or download with the software tools , to create media for VR and adapt / simulate other technologies; share data or computation that extends bandwidth range . The result is that anyone can collaborate across a variety of apps, in realtime, all editing and viewing the same assets - internet wired . It’s basically like collaborating in Google Docs for 3D worlds. This requires open programming language standards such as HTML, JavaScript, WebAssembly, WebXR, WebGPU Shader Language, etc.

- Collaborative applications need real-time data sharing, such as a game of chess or a Ping-Pong game , therefore WebSockets are majorly utilized in real-time web applications protocol , allowing to establish a full-duplex bidirectional TCP connection, where data can be exchanged in both directions -

Using WebSocket client-initiated and server-initiated pings and pongs keeps the connection active open and ready for data flow : supports pings and pongs both to perform health checks on the connection and to keep the connection open. Now the question is : What are you actually transmitting through this connection, and how will the server know which type of data the content is? - Do you really need WebSockets API ,Server-Sent Events, and Cross-Document Messaging or are you searching for alternatives such as JMS ( Java  Message  Service) or AMQP ( Advanced  Queuing  Protocol) over WebSocket API in the same way as SMTP, HTTP, FTP, have created interoperable systems, that enables the creation, receiving queuing, routing (including point-to-point and publish-and-subscribe), reliability , security and reading of messages ? - ;

Polling vs SSE vs WebSocket — " How to choose the right one ?"; "How to choose among SSE, WebSocket and Polling? - Where we need to consider how we are going to send our data from the server to the client." - Whenever design a web application utilizing real-time data, needs to consider how you are going to deliver individual data from the server to the client. The default answer usually is “WebSockets.” But is there a better way? - Both HTTP and WebSockets are located at the application layer from the OSI model and as such depend on TCP at layer 4. Application / Presentation / Session / Transport / Network / Data link / Physical. ;

///////////////////////// Bluetooth ; Containers and serverless technologies - digital products such as, cloud infrastructure , mobile apps, big data pipelines, and social media—are influencing application development API allows web apps to enter the IOT-era by utilising a lightweight wireless protocol that many smart devices are equipped - with the rise of Virtual Reality / OpenGL , and so much more. It’s an exciting time to be a web developer and content creator if you willing to find a way to make technologies talk to each other. So, even if you build an extremely beautiful and fast website, it will still have to fetch resources over a network that can be prone to failure. That’s why it’s so important to build sites that are fast, engaging, and most of all reliable.

Although recently, I encountered a technical / professional choice to advance a project Technology , and was entusiastic about applying my knowledge on new approaches, I got to a conclusion that attributing a new technology to a project in an inicial phase was not going to make it better - nor bring Security . The system must be robust enough to maintain the level of evidence integrity required; Performance and connectivity must be both speedy and reliable. No connection or a slow connection will quickly impact the organization’s ability to function ; The potentially Cost sometimes goes beyond what many agencies can afford - afecting the identity workflow - starting with a technology focus can quickly turn your big data initiative into a science experiment. In my opinion It’s wiser to investigate the latest tech, and invest on areas that make sense for media brand. I do consider that the more media services learn about tech, the more they can experiment with it, try it out or refurbish.

 Technology has a direct impact on the company’s ability to keep production moving efficiently. Even the best architecture, the most perfectly suited for the job, will be essentially useless if the people who need to use it do not know what it is; cannot understand it well enough to use, build, or modify it; or (worst of all) misunderstand and apply it incorrectly. And all of the effort, analysis, hard work, and insightful design on the part of the architecture team will have been wasted. Creating an architecture isn’t enough. It has to be communicated in a way to let its stakeholders use it properly to do their jobs. If you go to the trouble of creating a strong architecture, one that you expect to stand the test of time, then you must go to the trouble of describing it in enough detail, without ambiguity, and organizing it so that others can quickly find and update needed information. Documentation speaks for the software architect : it is very difficult to determine the architectural characteristics of the application without fully understanding the iner-working of every component and module in the system. Basic questions about deployment and maintenance are hard to answer: Does the architecture scale? What are the performance characteristics of the application? How easily does the application respond to change? What are the deployment characteristics of the application? How responsive is the architecture? - The reason why Requirements should be documented and specified as clearly as possible, for ease of revision and later maintenance.

While small business owners understand the value of new technologies, I see how they still struggle with choosing the right products, as well as the right time to adopt them to have the greatest impact on their business. How do you choose the language with which to write your program or choose resources ( human and technological) ? Budget should consider two key things: cost of the technology and implementation, yield in a concrete return on investment. ( scalability / profitability and efficiency). Companies struggle to scale critical applications. As traffic volume and data demands increase, these applications become more complicated , exposing risks and compromising availability : applications that can handle huge quantities of traffic, data, and demand without affecting the quality the customers expect ; In order to prevent an application from becoming slow, inconsistent, or downright unavailable as it grows, scaling isn’t just about handling more users; it’s also about managing risk and ensuring availability.

Different software packages offer different approaches to graphic design as well as some of them being free and some of them being paid for, either, most of the programming languages are open enough to allow programmers to do things multiple ways for a similar outcome.

For instance, the implementation of XR Hardware requirements may vary according to network latency, speed of CPU colors, use of proxies, among other factors. The Problem of PC, Mac, and Linux headsets - is related to Technical Specifications - : it's well known that PC type headsets will perform based on how well your PC performs. This is where a Mac has a bit of a disadvantage; you need a fast video card, and Mac's typically are fast enough for graphics and some game play, but not for VR. Apple PCs are just adding the capability to add an external video card for VR, as most of them simply do not have the video processing capability to render VR at the resolutions used by the Vive and Rift headsets. However, Apple has introduced VR ready PCs that are most likely to be performance stable with mixed-reality or 360°video . PC hardware does give a better VR experience. To avoid VR sickness, you need a fast frame rate - This is how fast your computer can generate the images on the screen. A lot depends on the complexity of the scene. Mobile controllers are only 3 Degrees of Freedom ( DOF ). This means they track tilt, yaw, and roll, but not position; if you move the controller flat to your left, on the game your controller hasn't moved at all. This is why you can't grab things with a mobile controller. The Vive and Rift Oculus both have 6 DOF controllers, so you can move them around and grab things.

If you wonder what is the optimal resolution that yields the highest clarity in VR360: The final clarity in VR360 is up to a number of factors, from the quality of source video resolution, fps frame rate , Mbps bit rate, dynamic range, compression ,rendering pipeline; Latency , screen picture resolution and structure. The reason why its so important to document on the Integration testing with a chart benchmarking toolkit - and why you need 8K 360 videos for VR headset like Oculus Go, Vive Focus and Samsung Gear with S8 or S9 with Snapdragon chips on a 3k screen ; Understand when to use simple sampling or multiple sampling, and how it will affect your video quality.

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RESOURCES : | 2020: Where Potential Becomes Reality- 2020 Realities360 Conference & Expo: The Premier AR/VR Event for Learning

Users dislike slow applications, but broken applications, due to transient networkerrors, are the worst experience of all: Your mobile application must be robust in face of common networking failures; unreachable hosts, sudden drops in throughput or increases in latency, or outright loss of connectivity.

So does High-quality Images play an important role on the web today. It can make a website stand out, but unfortunately , it comes with a price: Due to their large file sizes, they’re bulky to download and result in slow page load times. If you’ve ever been on a device with a poor network connection, you’ll know how frustrating this experience can be. The image format WebP, was a solution - developed by the Google team - , that's 26% smaller than PNG images and around 25–34% smallerthan JPEG images. A decent savings, and the best thing when choosing this format , is that the image quality isn’t noticeably affected . Another image format that will become important in future browsers is Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) . It's not yet an universally supported format , but it is very powerful. Unlike the other image formats, SVG is vector based, which means it is totally scalable without quality loss. You can reduce JPEG, GIF, or PNG in size, but when you artificially make them bigger they lose quality and appear pixelated.

As computers have gotten faster and Graphics Processing Units ( GPU ) have taken over the bulk of the actual 3D generation, languages to describe 3D games have evolved VR . The primary unique characteristic of VR is physical immersion—the interactive response of how the world is continually rendered to be in perspective for the participants. It is challenging to generate 90 frames per second at the resolution the Rift and Vive display at, so most VR programming is done in high-speed languages , that are direct to the metal or low level, such as C±+ (unreal and cryengine) and C# (unity engine) - Modern engines handle the rendering, physics to build realistic worlds, terrain (for outdoor scenes), lighting (for sophisticated rendering), Artificial Intelligence to automate the virtual world; networking to build multi–user environments that also work on mobile platforms.

The PCs performance dictates frame rates, which is why keeping hardware up to date is important. Low frame-rates and stuttering is a definite contributor to cybersickness. VR PCs are expensive because developers, constantly push the boundaries. They understand that acceleration, FOV, refresh rates and FPS, and even user's height can contribute to a sickening VR experience. For exploring the latest games without getting sick , you're probably going to need the latest hardware (CPUs, GPUs, RAM) . - If you have a Nvidia GPU, it's recommended to use GeForce Experience app to optimize your PC for each individual game; AMD GPU users can use the AMD Gaming Evolved app to do the same thing.

What Makes VR Interesting? - “A medium composed of interactive computer simulations that sense the participant’s position and actions, vand replace or augment the feedback to one or more senses, giving the feeling of being mentally immersed or being “present” in the simulation” [Sherman and Craig, 2018]. - virtual reality is a medium, which means it is a means of conveying ideas from person to person, or people to people: from creators to recipients. Furthermore, the medium itself is a filter on concepts as they are conveyed, and thus has a higher, over-arching influence on consumers of the medium — “the medium is the message” as McLuhan has proclaimed [McLuhan, 1964].

Image collage from  cyberpunk 2020 and VR Sickness: What it is and How to Stop It


VR sickness is also known as simulator sickness or cyber sickness. It may invoke a range of symptoms such as sweating, nausea, sickness, headaches, and drowsiness, and other symptoms similar to those experienced by motion sickness sufferers who get sick in cars, boats, or planes. Despite years of research, the most popular theory is that VR sickness is caused by a mismatch between what aviewer actually experiences versus what the viewer’s brain thinks it isexperiencing . Kolansinski (1995 ) Conflict theory , refers to when the brain thinks that the input (sight,sound, and so on) is not real or correct. The mind is normally able to tell when something with the body is not right and then attempt to correct it and it performs “safety checks” to make sure that the body is in a healthy state.The detection system looks for cues or clues to abnormalities, such as tying movement and sight together to build up a body of information that canconfirm that what you are experiencing is correct. When the cues do not match up, it is then believed that the brain switches into a defensive mode that might normally be triggered when the body is under attack. A rejection system kicks in, as the brain attempts to rid the body of any poisons / threats.

T. S. Eliot: “Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?”

Aspects I learnt to consider before choosing framework and programming languages - Client-side a.k.a front-end (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) / Server-side a.k.a. back-end (OS, web server, programming language, web framework, databases - focused on the internal hardware that the makes product run, while front-end is focused on the components that allow the user to interact with the software ) :      • You may use a certain language, particularly in a business environment, based on the need to interface with other programs; if two programs are to work together, it is easiest if they are written in the same language : Cython module is a programming language based on Pyrex that aims to be a superset of the Python programming language - calling C functions and declaring C types on variables and class attributes allows the compiler to generate very efficient C code from Cython code interacting with python -, designed to give C-like performance with code that is written mostly in Python ;   • You may choose a language based on its suitability for the task : For example, a business program that handles large files may be best written in the business language COBOL (althought, Old Coding Language can cause other problems ) . SQL - used in programming and designed for managing data held in a relational database management system, or for stream processing in a relational data stream management system. ; Java, Python, Lisp, Prolog, and C++ are major AI programming language used for artificial intelligence capable of satisfying different needs in development and design of different software. Languages For Test Automation In 2020: Python ( Selenium and Appium libraries for Python ease the job of automation testing and cross browser testing on desktop and mobile devices. PyUnit and Pytest are the most popular - " ); Java ; JavaScript (Some of the top JavaScript test automation frameworks are: Jest; Mocha; Jasmine ; Nightwatch ) C# ( automation frameworks in C#: NUnit; MSTest ; xUnit.Net) Ruby (most popular testing frameworks in Ruby: Capybara, RSpec, Test::Unit) PHP ( test automation frameworks like: Laravel Dusk, Codeception, PHPUnit, BeHat)   • If a program is to be run on different computers, it must be written in a language that is portable-suitable on each type of computer-so that the program need be written only once.   • Before learning the intricacies of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and JavaScript, it is important that you gain a solid understanding of the technologies that help transform these plain-text files to the rich multimedia displays you see on your computer or handheld device when browsing the World Wide Web .   • You may be limited by the availability of the language. Not all languages are available in all installations or on all computers - Data Skills sets for Programming such as : R, Python, Scala, JavaScript, Java, Ruby, C++, C#. Statistics and Econometrics: probability theory, ANOVA, MLE, regressions, time series, spatial statistics, Bayesian Statistics (MCMC, Gibbs sampling, MH Algorithm, Hidden Markov Model), Simulations (Monte Carlo, agent-based modeling, etc.) Scientific approach: experimental design, A/B testing, technical writing skills, Randomized Controlled Trial Machine Learning: supervised and unsupervised learning, CART, algorithms (Support vector Machine, PCA, GMM, K-means, Deep Learning, Neural Networks), machine learning packages (Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, etc.) and artificial intelligence packages (Tensorflow, H2O, etc.) Big Data Platforms: Hadoop, Map/Reduce, Hive, Pig, Spark, Storm, Cassandra Text mining: Natural Language Processing, LDA, LSA, Part-of-speech tagging, Parsing, Machine Translation Visualization: graph analysis, social networks analysis, Tableau, ggplot, D3, Gephi, Neo4j, Alteryx Systems Architecture and Administration: DBA, SAN, cloud, Apache, RDBMS Dataset Management • Structured Dataset: SQL, JSON, BigTable • Unstructured Dataset: text, audio, video, BSON, noSQL, MongoDB, CouchDB • Multi-structured Dataset: IoT, M2M Data Analysis: feature extraction, stratified sampling, data integration, normalization, web scraping, pattern recognition.

Choosing the Right Stack for your Project - Introducing Mern Technology Stack / The Main Benefit | 2021: ""If you’re not completely new to the development game, you know that most modern applications are created with the help of a “stack” of various technological solutions. A “stack” refers to any combination of coding languages, tools, and frameworks developers use to create software products for their clients. Many factors come into play here, like: Type and size of the project Team expertise and knowledge bases Time to market Scalability Maintainability Cost of the overall development You need to have a foolproof plan in mind if you don’t want to make the wrong choice because selecting the “stack” can have a negative impact across multiple verticals of the client’s business, like human resource, finance, marketing, and management.

Additionally, some technologies aren’t compatible with each other, so it's important to check the existing systems before making new purchases .

Virtual and Augmented Reality have existed for a long time , but were stuck to the research world or to some large manufacturing companies - developing Immersive Experiences and Applications for Desktop, Web, and Mobile .

According to the Cross-Platform Problem : Although, Leading mobile platforms like Apple and Google are continuing to deliver new and improved AR toolkits for developers: Google offered ARCore for Android developers, while the iOS platform also offered ARKit loaded with enhanced AR-based features for building immersive AR applications. But these are example of platform-specific that blocked scaling compatibility between different models and don’t allow cross-platform rendering.

A Cross-Platform Solution : Computer-mediated reality Cross-Platform Library [ ViroReact ] , - npm install -g react-vr-cli - the Cross-Platform Library for React sollution - Is a free and open-source for an immersive experience, that offers effective documentation on Native AR Apps, that can utilize a single code base for developing and deploying AR/VR features on both iOS and Android versions of the app. React gives support for both front-end and server-side ( high efficiency, reusability,higher speed, agility and responsiveness of web app, friendly user experience to hybrid space ).

React VR apps are written in JSX (JavaScript eXtension ) - a syntax that allows HTML-like tags to be mixed into JavaScript code. React VR is based on React and React Native. A-Frame apps use HTML, with custom HTML tags - a powerful framework, providing a declarative, composable, reusable entity-component structure for three.js. A-Frame can be used from HTML, although developers still have access to JavaScript, DOM APIs, three.js, WebVR, and WebGL. Both of them allow for custom JavaScript code and interfacing directly to three.js and WebGL.

Machine learning has revolutionized cybersecurity, enabling novel attacks to be detected and blocked. All of these technologies, if not secured properly, could absolutely lead to the theft of sensitive information ( Integration and Security ). The influx of online traffic underscore the need for organizations to address IT resilience — a company’s ability to handle a technical disruption.  Resilience is the ability to withstand adversity and bounce back and grow despite life’s downturns; empowers people to accept and adapt to situations and move forward; Quantum machine learning, quantum simulation, and quantum-inspired computation are generating a lot of interest and now have industrial applications.

Between hype and revolution - On the potential applications of quantum computing in vaccine discovery , it has helped in the management of COVID-19 in terms of spread and the development of therapeutics. Realizing the power of quantum computing, we are more likely to witness its application in many industries in 2021 and beyond. Qiskit [kiss-kit] is a software that sits between quantum algorithms and the physical quantum device . It translates common programming languages like Python into quantum machine language. - an open source SDK for working with quantum computers at the level of pulses, circuits and application modules. - There’s still a large gap between the computational resources available on current hardware versus the resources required for some of the oft-promised applications of quantum computers, such as integer factoring and molecule simulation. An important aspect of software optimizations for extracting the best performance from a given application-device pair is “qubit mapping”. Software architects need to write programs that take into consideration the hardware, connectivity, and available gates to “map” program-level qubits to on-chip qubits as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To see where quantum technology plays a role it is important to spot where classical computing falls short : " Classical and quantum computers are the computers we already know and use. Formally known as binary digital electronic computers, they operate by representing information as sequences of zeroes and ones ("binary digits" or "bits") and processing them with devices based on the physics of electrons ("electronic computers"). Each bit can hold one of two values: "0" or "1"; there are no intermediate values. Electronic computers execute algorithms on these bits using simple logic operations (AND, OR, NOT, etc.) to form useful results. A new class of computing devices was proposed at early 1980s, involving quantum bits ("qubits") instead of bits. Unlike bits, qubits can be in a combination of states, and so hold a superposition of "0" and "1" states at any one time. As the number of qubits increases, so too does the number of states simultaneously held by the set of qubits. Qubits are processed using quantum computers. These execute algorithms using quantum gates, which are logical building-blocks that operate on all possible states of a set of qubits simultaneously. Once a quantum computation is complete, the output is measured, which causes the multiple entangled superposition of states to collapse to a single classical state. Quantum computers with many qubits are theoretically capable of operating much quicker than any classical computer. Quantum computers are not a replacement for classical computers -- both have their strengths and weaknesses. However, quantum computers are fantastic for solving particular mathematical problems where classical computers struggle, so a problem that may take a classical computer quadrillions of years to solve will take a sufficiently powerful quantum computer just a few days. Several types of encryption rely on these kinds of mathematical problems, and so "cracking" many types of encryption will be possible with quantum computers."

Explainer: What is post-quantum cryptography ? How Quantum Computing Will Transform Cybersecurity ?


Invention vs Innovation - Part I I

The last decade has seen an exponential growth in the number of Internet users, and networks rely on high performance storage devices for server and database applications. Depending on the storage you use, datastores can be of different types. When dealing with technological choices , what is needed is a comprehensive and overarching framework that handles the processing and workflow requirements of Virtual Enterprises, maps them to a collection of service- oriented tasks, dynamically configures these tasks from available services, and manages the choreography and execution of these services: securing the infrastructure, securing devices, securing local networks, and securing the perimeter. New Vulnerabilities appear in everyday computing scenarios.

Over time, developers will consider blockchain based systems for the future - it will play a central role by capturing user activities at the conclusion of a track play, analyzing the play for legitimacy and fraud detection then, applying a series of network and individual influenced coefficients. This will derive a reward value using the credit system within Current's platform. The main objective of the Current protocol is to facilitate transfers of value between media services by partnering with media networks. Due to the increased Video traffic that will account for 82% of all Internet traffic by 2022 , the 4k / 8k and 360 video format require more transcoding space for processing power in a better , cheaper, faster and more optimized way, throughout a strategic transformation of technology . To enable content owners to deliver ultra-low latency, high quality video content – and reduce their reliance on complex and costly transcoding services, cloud storage providers, and aggregators, Eluvio has Launched Content Fabric for Internet Video Distribution.

While creating Audiovisual Projects I found software knowledge indispensable to develop certain parts of my applications - necessary to deploy with the main software: Module, extensions and Plugin extends the capabilities of a larger application. There is a difference between a library ( already been written by other developers) and a framework is "Inversion of Control" - What is the difference ?
. A library is a collection of subroutines or classes used to develop software. I think any component that instantiates its own database falls outside the scope of a library. Libraries have been created that aid in the rapid prototyping and development of these works. A Plugin is a ready to use software component that can be added to an existing software to change adds features. There are libraries for various functionalities: such as computer vision, as well as motion detection devices like Microsoft Kinect camera / Leap Motion. Toolkits that are used (and often created by) creative coders are: Cinder GNU Octave ; Max MSP ; openFrameworks ; Processing ; Pure Data ; Vvvv.

Throughout professional practice - I encounterd new challenges while editing, transcoding, decoding, rendering, and delivering tv broadcast video content - Assuming the importance of Containers as it hold metadata on media in the file. That metadata can be as simple as the frame rate of the video ; to showing what camera and lens were used to record the footage; what settings were applied; where it was shot and information about the specifications of shot and the production. The metadata within a container can sometimes also tell what standards the footage was produced in and complement the camera shot list / shot designer : storyboard - planning documentation .

Working as an editor, taught me how exporting files into the right format affects the video broadcast : understanding the need of an MXF metadata wrapper. - to take advantage of the benefits of converting video formats. In fact when a video is encoded into a certain format, its data is compressed in order to be stored while consuming less space. For example the newer HEVC codec can dramatically reduce the file size of H.264 videos – by up to 50%. The M2T file extension - responded to the technology standards between the studios / broadcast, for faster transfer between media servers - as it was mostly used for broadcasts that were integrated with ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) standards - Developed for satellite broadcasts as well as terrestrial broadcasting applications where bad signal issues are common, the stream synchronization technology and error correcting features that are embedded into these .m2t files help improve the overall quality of .m2t streams. These m2T files usually contain digital motion graphics or animations, audio data, sound clips and effects, 2D and 3D graphics as well as text content for sub titles and so on. The video content stored in these .m2t files has a maximum resolution of 1080i. This understanding makes the exported video file compatible with a wide range of playback systems that rely on the M2T or MXF standard for broadcast and archiving ( Digital Cinema Package (DCP). Ideally it should have hardware support, which can sometimes be a problem as it takes time before newer codecs are supported at a hardware level.

Video Encoding: The Definitive Guide [Updated for 2021] - What Are the Benefits of Different Video Formats?

Video compression became an important area of research in the late 1980’s and 1990’s and enabled a variety of applications including video storage on DVD’s and Video-CD’s, video broadcast over digital cable, satellite and terrestrial (over-the-air) digital television (DTV), and video conferencing and videophone over circuit-switched networks. Nowadays, despite what has just been referred to - when dealing with camera raw images , Apple ProRes 422 LT is the most used norm intended for offline workflows - because it requires low data rates but full-resolution video. Even though, it solves some offline production issues - on the other hand, this is a real problem for the cloud or online video streaming , specially when there are more than one person accessing the same data ( server overload): An average 90 minute Apple ProRes 422 HQ is around 150GB ; This means it's going to take several days to upload, with the computer processing the upload uninterrupted all the time (running day and night). Real networks are heterogeneous in rate : streaming video from home (56 kbps) using modem vs. corporate LAN (10-100 mbps) ONLINE LIBRARY 2020 | Next‐Generation Video Coding and Streaming

Image footage : Block diagram of video coding simulation.

Esthetic Results with the camera and post production, need to be precision making decisions : To make smoother footage (photorealistic) do not add footage in the timeline editor where the raw footage time frame rate is higher than the own footage. For example, if you have a timeline that is 30 frame rate / per second , do not add a 23.976 fps because you’re going to deal with the editor in creating magically out of thin air, more phantom 6 frames that might damage the raw footage. You can combine clips with different frame rates in sequences (mixed frame rate footage) - first Open a clip in the Source Monitor to view the original frame rate and frame size : -- How to deal with different frame rate clips on the same timeline - whenever you import a clip that was shot in slow-motion ( 60 or 10fps ) . "

Scenario #1 ---- What will happen if you decide to transcode into ProRes? 50 hours of ProRes 1080 HQ equals to 3.78 TB. So, if you want to keep your original H.264 files and you decide to transcode them into ProRes HQ file and want to have at least 2 back up copies of all of the material you will need: 1TB (H.264 raw files) + 3.78TB (the ProRess transcodes) x 3 ( for the back up)= 14.34 TB of hard disk space total. In this case, if you shoot with a single camera you’ll need 7.17 TB total.

Scenario #2 ---- Shooting in 4K is a whole new thing. A single minute of ProRes UHD file (3840 x 2160) is around 5.3 GB (880 Mbits/s). You would need to expand your storage definitely if you are shooting at such high data rates. A single hour of 4K footage is a whopping 318 GB. 25 hours of 4K ProRes equals roughly 7.76 TB. ---- 7.76TB (the ProRes UHD files from a single BMPC 4K camera) x 3 ( for the back up)= 23.28 TB of hard disk space in total required. ---

However, the real problem is the download…that will also take more than a day on the download side (running day and night) and I have yet to ever come across an event or audiovisual production even close to sophisticated enough to handle this. The lower the latency, the less read-ahead buffer the video player will have , also it doesn't support 4K resolution. "The amount of read-ahead buffer is important because it's the main source of stream latency. With a lower latency, viewers are more likely to feel the issues between the encoder and the player. Network congestion and other factors may also cause live streaming issues, which can delay your stream. Delays can happen even when you have a great network that can sustain your average streaming bitrate."

RESEARCH | 2020: How to achieve low latency audio/video streaming over IP network? This whitepaper will first define the latency for audio/video transport. It will highlight the usual architecture challenges of an AV over IP transmitter/receiver. A deeper analysis is provided regarding the video compression which is often mistakenly considered as adding too much latency. Eventually, actual latency measurements of the Viper 4K HDMI to IP transmitter/receiver will be presented.

VIDEO YOUTUBE - EDITSHARE | 2020: adapt media servers for FHD or transitioning to 4K and 8K content creation Integration and teamwork Management collaboration. - XStream EFS is designed to manage large volumes of media, ultra-high data rates and the complexities of intense media environments. EditShare enables media professionals to collaborate on projects - all designed to improve production and unleash creativity.

Image Footnote : Networking & Virtualization Overview on What is Scalability / Performance / Security / Infrastructure Customization / Cost should question upon "How much hosting firepower do you require? And how much are you willing to spend?" For servers dedicated to applications with high demands on processing power, virtualization isn't a good choice. That's because virtualization essentially divides the server's processing power up among the virtual servers. When the server's processing power can't meet application demands, everything slows down.  Take a close look at CPU and GPU usage before dividing a physical server into multiple virtual machines. Otherwise, Tasks that shouldn't take very long to complete might last hours. Worse, it's possible that the system could crash if the server can't meet processing demands.

Network Virtualization is Different from Server Virtualization ( this, plays a significant role in cloud technology / Cloud computing) : at the physical level, network operation depends on specialized, shared programmable hardware - packet forwarding hardware - and associated real-time software . The flexibility of using the cloud endeared corporate consumers, for the following reasons : On-Demand Service – use it when needed. This provides some degree of freedom for the customers. Network Access – utilizes the internet and can be accessed using laptops, workstations, and smart phones. Pooling of Resources – resources are pooled to provide customers customizable variable costs based on business size. Scalability – scale up or down based on your current needs. Cloud Computing Service providers offer different service models according to the customer’s needs. The service models are called SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. - models that are often depicted in a pyramid-like structure

Example of SaaS models – Banking applications, Social media apps, Slack, App-based games Example of PaaS models – SAP, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Google App Engine, Apache Stratos (Hou, n.d.) Example of IaaS models – these are more for system administrators and include Rackspace, Google Compute Engine (GCE)

Cloud computing ( Cloud Networking ) is best to access from outside the office network ( data mobility) - good for selling your service/software to external users and works on IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) - but the # Disadvantages / risks and benefits of Cloud Computing should be considered: #1. Risk of data confidentiality. There is always a risk that user data can be accessed by other people; #2. Depends on internet connection - the weakness of public cloud is where everyone accesses the same server and server and will increase the risk of attack, and down the server; #3. The level of security ( secrecy / data privacy and confidential matter ) / Technical problem. - When you experience a problem, you cannot sue the server for errors in the data. When you experience a problem, you cannot sue the server for errors in the data; #4. Compliance - While many websites offer an API, they are often expensive or have very strict rate limits, even if you’re working on an open-source and/or non-commercial project or product ; #5. Vulnerable in the event of an attack - exposed to wide open opportunity for attacks on data or activities stored on the server. #6. Low Connection - connection can get slow - harmed because of poor server quality; ; while Virtualization meant to access from office only - is best for setting up Data Center within the company network/infrastructure based upon Service Type SaaS (Software as a Service) . Server virtualization in contrast is a local issue - the interface between a software work load and a virtual machine. With virtualization, company’s can take advantage of the efficiencies and agility of software-based compute , data migrations ( migrate to the different hardware platform ) , Encapsulation of data and storage resources. A virtual network is distributed software and hardware with a more moving File systems - distributed storage in abstracted ways already, not as raw hardware. Virtualization allows businesses to simulate hardware - Increase efficiency for development & test environment - such as servers, storage devices, or network resources. The virtualized components function exactly the same way that traditional hardware would function—with added benefits to the user and the business streamline or data collection Flexibility to access it from anywhere .

ARTICLES | 2020:  Serverless Architectures - The “Big Three” cloud vendors—Amazon, Google, and Microsoft—are heavily invested in Serverless, and we’ve seen plenty of books, open-source projects, conferences, and software vendors dedicated to the subject. But what is Serverless, and why is (or isn’t) it worth considering? Serverless architectures are application designs that incorporate third-party “Backend as a Service” (BaaS) services, and/or that include custom code run in managed, ephemeral containers on a “Functions as a Service” (FaaS) platform. By using these ideas, and related ones like single-page applications, such architectures remove much of the need for a traditional always-on server component."

ARTICLES | 2020:  On Project scalability and Prophit : Serverless is not right for every project . The enterprise is left with the responsibility to secure the application layer: managing and monitoring access to the application(s) and the data, enforcing legitimate application behavior, monitoring for errors and security incidents, and so on. Serverless applications are accessed infrequently and may need extra time before enough instances of virtual containers and databases are able to respond in a timely fashion.

"The codec story is always the same: everyone always wants to get better-quality video in a more efficient state, but the challenge is getting people to adopt it. " - commented Ben Wood, at the CCS Insight consultancy | July 2020 | while "The codec - which is called both H.266 and Versatile Video Coding (VVC) - - was announced by Germany's Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute . Although 8K televisions are becoming more common, there is currently little content available in that resolution : "Apple, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Ericsson, Intel and Huawei were among those that had worked on its development. H.266 is designed to require half the bitrate - the amount of data transmitted per second - as today's standard H.265. H.265 requires about 10 gigabytes of data to transmit a 90-minute ultra-high definition [4K] video," explains a press release. "With this new technology, only 5GB are required to achieve the same quality."; Imagine how much bandwidth does VR need: "Some experts believe VR headsets will only be able to match reality when they can display 16K or higher resolutions; Meanwhile, Google has previously opted to use a format it developed itself - VP9 - instead of H.265 to encode YouTube videos. And a consortium - which includes Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Samsung - has already developed a successor, AV1. The video-game streaming platform Twitch has already said it intends to switch "100%" to the format by 2024."

Codecs and containers are frequently confused and mistakenly used interchangeably - especially when transfering content data in terms of scability to the cloud or web. It's really important to understand the requirements and technologic requisites of the production - It's something that you figure out by yourself the hard way, after testing on different hardware and software, because they don't actually teach this at school due to it's depht complexity . Reading and sharing knowledge with other technician helps you understand it better .

INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK DOESN’T SUPPORT 4K VIDEOS TO ALL USERS , EVEN IF IT READS THE EDITED FOOTAGE AND UPLOADS IT , WHAT IT DOES IS AUTOMATE DATA ALGORITHM COMPRESSION - UNDERSTANDING THE BIG PICTURE IN TERMS OF SOLUTION - Perhaps some day when we have increasing-light-speed internet connections, we won't have to worry about these 'implementation details' - Besides reducing power consumption of video encoders becomes a prime design requirement, there's a need to have a structure that allows frame synchronization to be performed independently from the technology inherent delays, resorting to a parallel data pattern detector and a bit alignment shifter. Frame synchronization is becoming more and more problematic as communication systems increase their transmission rate .

The recent example of Netflix and other services such as Facebook, who agreed to reduce the quality of its streaming service in order to help internet infrastructure cope with the increased traffic caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus - reveal how this issue will be more problematic over the years, as it obviously anticipated the increase in remote work, this will likely have broad implications on Internet speed ( lower upload Mbps - Megabits per second) and economy — particularly consumer spending. -- However, until then, quality-to-filesize ratios will always be important, particularly in the age of 4K and ever-increasing screen resolutions. If someone tries to upload lossless on a less-than-amazing internet connection, they'll get frustrated and quit.  As displays increase in size, compression techniques become more efficient, playback devices become more sophisticated, and internet connections improve, so will the quality  4K videos . The fact they have a larger file size, means they’ll require more bandwidth and storage space to upload - so it’s not available to all users.

ARTICLES | 2020: Sony Introduces Alpha 7R IV Camera - It supports FTP data transfer with background transfer capability, allowing photographers to send images to a specified FTP remote server while they are still shooting or reviewing images. To support an efficient, connected professional workflow, Sony has announced version 2.0 of its Imaging Edge desktop applications (Remote/Viewer/Edit). The Remote application allows users to control cameras and monitor live shooting on their PC screen; the Viewer application is used to quickly preview, rate and select photos from large libraries; and the Edit application can develop raw data into high-quality photos for delivery. When utilizing the latest version of Sony’s Imaging Edge Mobile application, the camera can now transfer images to a connected smartphone even if the camera’s power is off.  

Have you ever questioned : why software editing programs or web app - simmilar to instagram or facebook - take so long to upload / read a video and why it crashes so much or even overheats- mobile phones and pc çomponents? - as you work with Higher resolution ?
Equivalent incompatible issues, also happen to disks that don't support 4k ( ex : 5400 rpm or even 7500rpm ), when pushed to performe more than they can handle, overheats the hardware - crushes - damages data components or gets you stuck into a viral loop. The truth is that Higher resolution, requires more space and larger profit margin to maintain it and not every hardware can truly support it's scalability : you will need more drive and server's space - this can be a huge issue when creating online web sites ( quality time and product vs profit /upload quality versus upload speed : ) - It's also a time consuming experience. Actually downscale 4k to HD will increase image detail without loosing quality - after considering a set of resolutions, bitrates and settings used for high-quality video encoding, and the reasoning behind those choices. - high-resolution HD images can carry more detail than their lower-resolution SD counterparts. 10-bit images can carry finer gradations of color, thereby avoiding the banding artifacts that can occur in 8-bit images. The 3 key properties of digital images that contribute to image quality—frame size: chroma sampling, and sample bit depth— while offering industry leading performance and quality at each supported data rate. The role of a codec is to preserve image quality as much as possible at a particular reduced data rate, while delivering the fastest encoding and decoding speed. At the end of the day, you will always have your raw image metadata backup data protected and valuable - Intellectual property, patents and licensing play an increasingly important part in the development of video coding technology and applications.

BOOKS & ARTICLES | 2020: GPU VS CPU For Video Editing

VIDEO NETWORK | 2020: Editing in 4K: Minimum System Requirements / To start editing video, you’ll first need to ask yourself some questions about your projects. What type of footage will you be editing: R3D, CinemaDNG, ProRes, XAVC S, mp4? How complex are your projects: single shot, single camera, multi-camera, animation, VFX? What are your output formats? How long do you have to deliver your edits? Finally, are you editing online or offline?

With all the constant fast technological upgrades on digital media, even the most experienced editor have hard time in understanding well the difference between Format and Film Rate or other technical definition of a set of standard characteristics regarding image capture on photographic film. Most will spontaneously assume that higher data values is wiser - without really question the veracity of this information and only looking at sales prophit blindly. Digital video is frequently compressed and coded for easier storage and transmission. Video compression systems change in broadcast TV, IPTV, telecommunication and many other video applications. A careful balance between the amount of compression, the visual quality loss and the coding speed is necessary to keep the total system cost down, while delivering a good user experience for various video applications. At the same time, power consumption optimizations are also essential to get the job done on inexpensive consumer platforms ( Digital Video Concepts, Methods, and Metrics: Quality, Compression, Performance, and Power Trade-off Analysis ) .

60 fps

30 fps

10 fps

Framerate Independent Physics

Hardware and software influence on the quality and integrity of data value in long terms:
Having this acknowledgement can change your perception on things and avoid conflict and missunderstanding. This happens so often, specially when technicians hadn't found time to stop and think, until realise on how fast tecnology has changed - not only on speed, but with every single component that they interact. Instead of loosing time unconsciously, overload on unproductive hours in front of computer and delay deadlines on projects, you could use it to learn other things. As a consequence - for not understanding this phenomena - it reflects on trust and performance efficiency that might as well arise conflict of interest between production time and crew .

I learnt while exploring different applications and camera models - by manipulating the camera level of FPS ( frames per second) and then play with the levels of sequence on the editor software : spreading out the number of bits that it records per second over more frames; When each frame gets less bits, means it avoids artifacts in the frame. While raising the frame rate whitout changing the bitrate , will result in quality loss: because , the result of increasing the frame rate is that more pixels are displayed per second; If you double the frame rate, the quality of each individual frame will go down, but you will see twice as many of them and the impact of things like noise can average out amongst the frames. Bitrate is also highly dependent on your internet connection speed: how well your streaming computer can encode video (which is primarily reliant on your CPU).

Image Footnote | Frame Rate (FPS) vs Refresh Rate (Hz) : HZ is used to measure what the hardware is capable of - how many FPS the Display can output; FPS is used to measure the current speed of the software - when your game can do 200+ FPS because you have a powerful GPU and/or CPU but you only have a 60hz monitor, you wont be able to benefit from what the PC is capable of.

"Why this is relevant?" Not only will compression allow your video to upload faster but it will make it look better when played back: though different codecs do have an affect on the outcome. The best solution is the upload a video using a codec which has the best quality-to-size ratio, at this point in time ( doesn't have to be the same you are used to work ) - upload the highest quality they can, not a necessarily a streamable format. Be aware that if this is not considered, it can turn out to be a bigger disaster, even if you haven't realized it yet.

Digital video takes up a very large amount of storage space or bandwidth in its original, uncompressed form. A video is a collection of frames, and each frame is an image. So if we pull out all the frames from a video, we can use methods to store and extract our data ( this is also how Steganography or audio encryption works using vision library such as OpenCv for image and FFmpeg for audio ). A digital color image will have red, green, and blue channels and eight bits to represent each channel, so every channel can take a value from 0-255, and this value represents the intensity of the pixel. (R, G, B)=(0,0,0) is the representation of the color black and (255,255,255) represents the color white. - While a black and white image is an easy thing to conceptualize, where a black pixel has a value of 1 and a white pixel as a value of 0 ; The Pixel array (R, G, B)= (11101010 11101001 11001010),(10111001,11001011,11101000),(11001001 00100100 11101001) .
A solution to this problem are "proxy" presets and exporting with the right conversion method . Video compression makes it possible to send or store digital video in a smaller, compressed form. Source video is compressed or encoded before transmission or storage. Compressed video is decompressed or decoded before displaying it to the end user. Video compression or video coding is the process of compressing (encoding) and decompressing (decoding) video. It refers to the technology behind moving digital images: essential to video on phones, cameras, laptops and TV. In fact, anything you can watch on a screen uses video compression. Instagram supported video format is limited to H.264/AAC MP4. If the 4K videos that you try to post to Instagram are in other formats/codecs, like AVI, WMV, MOV, MKV, FLV, TS, XAVC, MXF, MTS, H.265 MP4, reformatting the file format is required. Choosing the right format is a science , specially when digital media market and branding is considered .

Take in consideration that clients have different hardware and internet conditions ( this may change also acording to country and Global Web Protocol). So when dealing with high resolution video, If anyone has had media crashes (errors) I would recomend you understand your camera hardware first - including the speed of the SD card , when shooting high frame rates ( video 24 fps is ideal for a cinematic look and feel; capturing more motion for great slow motion and smoother video requires higher frame rates ); also, choose the frame rate acording to the subject your shooting ; Then analise the properties of the raw footage and all the hardware and applications that will interconect with that footage, to avoid incompatibilities and delays and misunderstanding between teamworks - . Understand Efficient video compression and improve quality of video in communication for computer endcoding applications and monitor refresh rate first , way before using Utilities tools like Dropbox ( FTP alternative file transfer ) - use it for larger media files to avoid compression problems on big files; Avoid Google drive for heavy raw footage - it will damage some data Properties when it automaticly compresses for you and it will be Extremely Slow ‎ -; Besides that Google Drive and Google Cloud Storage are not the same . There is a difference between Consumer vs. Professional Cloud Storage. Rather use it for already edited movies, to avoid crashes and media compression errors - They're not the most secure platforms to use as a server ( only for risky shifting alternatives), althought it's tempting cheapest - rather , consider other Fiable Technology, in order to deliver the best to safe-guard your privacy and media data because it's very easily hacked .

RESEARCH | 2020: Why Formats Matter

RESEARCH | 2020: The Importance of Codecs, and Containers

"People consider writing codes and debugging is a developer’s job. But as a tester, it is necessary to have a knowledge about all the languages too. As a tester, automation testing is one of the biggest tool in your tool shed, and it is all about coding." in Automating tests for your user interfaces has always been the holy grail of programming.

In programming ( Computer Science), an #adapter works as a special object that converts the interface of one object so that another object can understand it. There is an important difference between a program and the underlying algorithm that the program is representing. An adapter wraps one of the objects to hide the complexity of conversion happening behind the scenes. Adapters can not only convert data into various formats but can also help objects with different interfaces collaborate. Any application or system depends on the architecture pattern used - not only guides designers and developers on how to design components, but also determine the ways in which those components should interact  in a systematic, predictable, repeatable, and cost-effective way. Here’s how it works on a stock market app ( example from the book Dive into Design Patterns by Alexander Shvets - To solve the dilemma of incompatible formats : it was created " a XML-to-JSON adaptersfor every class of the analytics library that your code workswith directly. Then you adjust your code to communicate withthe library only via these adapters. When an adapter receives acall, it translates the incoming XML data into a JSON structureand passes the call to the appropriate methods of a wrapped analytics object." - .

ARTICLE | 2020: The Difference Between An Adapter And A Wrapper

RESEARCH COLLECTION | 2020 : When to Use SVG vs. When to Use Canvas

The same is true with Web APIs and on the new-old problem of Cross-browser support : when there's an update to the JavaScript language for instance, browsers will also need to be updated to support the new language features. Babel solved a JavaScript compatibility issue. It's a free and open-source compiler that transforms JavaScript code into different JavaScript code . Specifically, it transforms JavaScript code written using the latest version of JavaScript into the equivalent code written using an older version JavaScript that’s supported on far more browser. Though it doesn't include Web APIs : So you’ll need a separate solution for polyfilling Web APIs. For that reason There is still a need to Rethink polyfilling story : "The createPolyfillProvider function will take a polyfll plugin factory, and wrap it to create a proper Babel plugin. The factory function takes the same arguments as any other plugin: an instance of an API object and the polyfill options".

When you want to define an API architecture; establish a platform for APIs or simply want to build APIs your consumers love It's wiser to Implement application programming interface (API) usability, security, availability, reliability, and scalability to extend your company’s market and potentially generate revenue.

RESEARCH COLLECTION | 2020 : WebHook vs API: Both webhooks and APIs facilitate syncing and relaying data between two applications. However, both have different means of doing so, and thus serve slightly different purposes (Real-Life Webhook Examples such as a stripe chargeable event integration, are implemented on a djamgo or flask python or a java project; Many services, such as SendGrid, Stripe, Slack, and GitHub use events to send webhooks as part of their API.) . To test webhooks locally without deploying, we need to open up a connection from our development machine to the outside world. One option is to use ngrok. This service allows you to provide outside access to a specific port on your local machine.There are countless capabilities your webhook can have depending on what kind of information the API provider sends.

RESEARCH COLLECTION | 2020 : WebSocket vs - WebSocket is technology protocol which is established over the TCP connection , while is a library for WebSockets - A connection can be established in the presence of proxies and load balancers.supports broadcasting to multiple sockets at a time and handles the connection transparently and fallback options such as intranet besides internet.

In the current ecosystem of JavaScript frontend frameworks and libraries tends to alienate newcomers and also experienced developers that feel lost in the ocean of possibilities and choices : React JSX, AngularJS, jQuery, TypeScript, Vue.js - The official state management library, Vuex, follows the Flux architecture and is somewhat similar to Redux in its concepts / Compared to React and Angular , Vue is an is not backed by corporation like Facebook or Google. Instead, it depends on donations by the community -. Nevertheless, JavaScript is not just limited to web applications as features are added - Real-World Performance Improvements ; Async Iterators and Generators ; # WeakRef. # the new proposal solves the problem of memory leaks by creating a weak reference to an image and storing that in the cache instead of storing the image itself -, so it's also being widely used in building command-line tools and server-side stuff using Node.js, desktop applications using Electron, cross-platform mobile applications using React Native and low-cost IOT devices.


Quality vs Value (3)

At the end of the day, quality reinforcement - collaboration improvement and cultural usability that maintain and measure the quality quotient of products - , depends on the ability of workers to produce products. Most of the time, you will adapt the recommendations in the way that works best for the dimension of the project ( flexibility vs adaptibility). More than just building "elite brands" and emotional design - that increase levels of satisfaction and loyalty on a group of customers , It involves having a dedicated space where everyone feels comfortable to learn and share knowledge - keeping your work updated , organized or synchronized, accessible or invulnerable and backed up . A workplace where your product eventually appears if you put in a large percentage of your time and energy.

- Things started accelerating when Apple and Google created an ecosystem of mobile developers. That’s when mobile apps appeared —ex: of Facebook the largest social network -suggests that individuals are creating a virtual-network consisting of both bonding and bridging social capital; important services like Airbnb, Instagram, uber, WhatsApp, Amazon collecting data — . As a result, our relationship to our devices is changing. They are becoming avatars—extensions of us. Millennials want mobile products in their image:confident, connected, and open to change. Only users decide what works for them.

As a consumer and researcher I realised that In order to keep customers interested in a product or service, requires a good posting strategy / business plan, because It will mainly reflect on the product you're selling and call upon the target public - nurturing symptomatic cause and effect. Providing regular content might sell an image of a great marketing strategy as it helps your customers stay updated, plus it shows interest for ways to improve and provide even more value. However, as important as regular content provides a great marketing strategy and helps customers stay updated and product improved, it will be pretty useless if there is no consistent approach - whenever planners are more concerned with how it will look to visitors, than quality engagement can create a misleading culture. - "What does that mean?" - You might choose to simply paste massive posts in hope someone eventually will spot the work and follow compulsively , but that doesn't mean quantity justifies quality. Why? Because different platforms usually means different audience. Many of Instagram followers will not be LinkedIn users and vice versa. It's important to question everything that every business is mostly concerned with: - What product/services do people want to buy and why? ; - What kind of websites do people mostly visit? - What are the biggest hobbies nowadays and how can my product/service help? ; - What types of posts do people share the most?

Hitting the Market with the Right Products at the Right Time : In practice, creating new product and service development is complex daunting task for engineers, design engineering managers, and those involved in other functions in the project. Product design and engineering processes and their management to sources of innovation, needs collaboration with suppliers, and knowledge providers (for example, creators ), and users. The managerial aspects get ample attention as well as the socioeconomic aspects in the context of product design and engineering. ......  The five key strategic stages: * Where are we now? - Strategic and marketing analysis * Where do we want to be? - Strategic direction and strategy formulation * How might we get there? - Strategic choice * Which way is best? - Strategic evaluation * How can we ensure arrival? - Strategic implementation and control ......

Photo Footnote From the site :  Growth loops and the 6 pillars of growth / The More You Learn, the Cheaper It Becomes:

The disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated business dependence on tecnology across the world - that become reliant on the cloud and have a deeper need to interact different business sectors , to work in a simbiotic networking way and not as a parasite ( isolated relationship ) . Exponential growth in digital infrastructure and connected devices will upgrade the need for 5G and even 6G tecnology, but the high cost of infrastructure does have a price : some countries will have more difficulty in hardware and software implementation , promoting inequalities between developed and underdeveloped countries / societies . As businesses adapt their culture to embrace the cloud, they must also adapt their approach to developing the talent. Each country will feel obligated in adapting to different cloud services to asure it's integrity / quality to create value. The web tends to be built on terrotories that delivers inequality that will eventually push product's and the market. Another shift is tying security into your cloud. Driven by advances in deep learning - started around 2015 and provides an edge for enterprises that wield it smartly with cybersecurity.

The dramatically faster 5G connectivity could unlock an array of technologies, from autonomous cars that share traffic data to immersive virtual reality games. It's not just a phone technology: It could replace wired broadband in the home and allow for billions of other connected devices. Uses internet of things (IoT) sensors and technology to connect components across a city: sensors and connected devices allow cities to manage and monitor infrastructure, transport and financial systems, postal services and more. Traffic could run more efficiently, payment transactions made more secure and remote emergency surgery (think advanced drones replacing paramedics) could become common place.

Smart cities usually occupy six dimensions: people, technology, infrastructure, management, economy and government. Chris Lane, a telecom analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein, thinks it will turn cities "smart" in much the same way electricity illuminated them. "Everything will be connected," he says,"and the central nervous system of these smart cities will be your 5G network." - this means better visibility, efficiency and performance, but also exposes the population to more risks as the entire system is connected. If one node is attacked, many more may be affected. Presenting Vulnerabilities , from protocol weaknesses to DDoS attacks -botnet, made to take down the targeted website or slow it down by flooding the network, server or application with fake traffic . It can slow down the victim's computer to the point where it becomes impossible to work on it. For example, 5G will increase the risk and potential damage of large-scale distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. This is when a hacker overloads a machine or network with traffic to render it useless. DDoS attacks are used to disable the online services of banks and e-commerce platforms, but the city’s critical infrastructure is a significant weak spot. 5G also presents some protocol weaknesses, for example in the authentication and key agreement (AKA) – the method of encrypting communication between devices and cellular networks, which has been previously utilized in 3G and 4G networks and is known to be vulnerable to international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) catchers, interception of traffic and sensitive information. With both of these threats on the horizon, regular security practices such as supply chain security, access control, patch management, threat hunting and configuration management should be carried out to secure against 5G threats - we should ask ourselves : "How do we ensure 5G safety?" because there’s more to do to keep our cities and societies safe.

Examples where AI are being used to improve the current approach to cybersecurity - based on Intrusion Detection Machine learning that helps detect and defend against intrusions without the need for any human intervention ; Malware Detection; Machine Learning Algorithms Detection of code vulnerabilities - such as Linear regression; Logistic regression ; Classification and Regression Trees;K-Nearest Neighbors –; K-Means Clustering; Neural Network - are being used to scan vast amounts of code and automate the process of identifying any potential vulnerabilities (before the hackers do); Fraudulent transactions and activity Detection can be flagged and prevented in real-time by detecting patterns and identifying deviations from the expected baseline behavior with machine learning . Such risks can become even more heightened in a “work from home” and remote working scenarios where the workforce is much more likely to be distributed and outside the organizational security perimeter - THE AI CANVAS - A Simple Tool to Start Making Decisions with the Help of AI , to guide organizations through sustainable AI deployment.

RESEARCH | 2020: How to ensure your organisation is safe from the cyber threats , visibility and awareness.

Nothing resists a false ground in any business building.

In addition to challenges with growth and agility, compliance and transparency pressures increasingly bring data quality issues to the fore — The infrastructure can’t keep up. Marketing is facing the same problem. Too much data with not enough structure in place to manage the data and not enough meaningful application. A enterprise will always need to tackle information in effective ways, just as most of them still need industrial techniques to make their products cheaply and efficiently. So what are the consequences of a business world with “too much information”?

Only through a Efficient structured project , can we conscienceless deliver flexibility and agile freedom ( reveal value ). It becomes, even more crucial to upgrade and work as neural network ~ Bringing Computation, Connectivity, and Data Together in the Cloud : requires rapid acceleration of computational power, data creation, and connectivity, as well as the impact of these three trends. ~ Most of us have encountered some organizations that hide behind successful achievements a true chaotic workspace and it might even look clean or elegant / successful choices. Eventually, Time reveals that weakness and even expose inconsistency that will determine and increase the risk of success . To avoid cause&effect conflict it’s crucial "Understanding the Problem, and react to creative solutions before any action" - IS THE KEY -.

Design Thinking is an iterative process in which knowledge is constantly being questioned and acquired so it can help redefine a problem - in an attempt to identify alternative strategies and solutions that might not be instantly apparent with our initial level of understanding. An attempt to develop new ways of thinking that do not abide by the dominant or more common problem-solving methods – just like artists do. The intention is to improve products by analyzing how users interact and investigating the conditions in which they operate: uncovering ways of improving user experiences.

To assure quality , the design of an interaction determines a complex process that involves a lot of modeling on how a system will work; how a user will approach the goal they're trying to accomplish, and how the interface needs to be configured to allow for all of these different operations. All of these taken together create the context of the interaction that you’re making. The Conception phase : maps out in detail on what you would like the applicationto do; how the interaction should feel to the user, and the goals of the application. In The Research you ask yourself questions on what componentsyou might need and what libraries or existing code might be available that canhelp you create your project. The Design phase : it's essentially to create diagrams of different parts of thesystem and show how those will appear to the user ; understand what the user might want to do with them, and how they relate to the interaction overall. It defines all the parts of the application clearly, to have a clear vision of howthey will appear to all; how they will respond in the interaction, and understandexactly how a user’s action should correlate to an action by the system. It may helpto create diagrams that show the flow of actions and responses from the user tothe system and back. The Build process is actually putting together hardware and writing code. This is where you’ll debug, probably research some more, and ultimately assemblethe application. The Test phase: creates situations for users to use the application and the executable files, observing on how they use the hardware / software. It can be as simple as using the application or hardware and ensuring that everything works as intended before sending a project delivery. Having a good testingphase is important.

I grew up in this business environment and learned my skills on project management through an artistic point of view - Working with artists of different areas and exploring the Intersection of Art and Technology has taught me the importance of integrating new approaches in technology. Innovative solutions that solve the challenges of both today and tomorrow,  comes from the reuse of experiences and Identifying solutions to problems that exist in our daily life -.

So I've learnt with failures , as well as other experiences - that the first step to avoid disproportional problems of a high level of risk caused by chaotic structured plans, is to be prepared for honesty and trust in delegation of project planning - not being afraid of error , but opened to changed conventions of each technology, library, and module needed for both development-related setup and feature implementations To understand which tools and technology are essential for the team to Success highlights situations ; towards the danger of Sabotage or misperception on strategic business models (corporate strategy); It's essential that everyone in the team have the same tools at the same level of knowledge. Competence consist in coordinating skills with knowledge and attitudes: having the right tools at hand to combine with work conditions in order to resolve the problems of each task. - Project Management - exists to respond to each problem at the right time.

When I participate in a project I try to adapt my business model plan to the dimension of the project, so I can understand the value of accountability and identify the project methodology for reliable software systems; My concern is to adapt technology wisely , to deliver applicability and reliable systems, through hardware and software. Quality of decision-making can set the performance standard others want to emulate. In the process of client onboarding, I consider to figure out : what the client needs me to achieve; how they want to communicate, and so on. I consider myself a good listener, intuitive and hard-worker with valuable conditions to create something with technical and creative quality. That's why I keep up to date on technology and has the need to upgrade equipment to learn more with more demanding hardware and software projects. In that perspective money is always welcomed and buys better instrument "to play" the mission: useful for my constant technical update - I see value as a consequence of growth to produce more valuable products. Charging for your work delivers you wealthy dignity to create valuable quality — and why you shouldn't work for free.

Writing software is like making commercial products—quality is absolutely fundamental. So, " How can you guarantee software quality or purpose ?"; "Why some digital innovations and experiences engage us deeply and spread widely, and why others do not ?" Each individual company swears by its own specific game plan the ins and outs of process management and business scenarios analyses - but in practice , all goes back to understanding the consumer. There has to be an engagement between internal and external human factores. For many consumers, old habits are hard to break. So when they find a good thing, they stick with it, which is probably why it’s so difficult to get consumers to try new products in the first place — not to mention make them loyal buyers. Clients are no longer looking for a social status brand, they tend to offer price for the experience.


RESEARCH | 2020: Quality and value

"Quality and value are attributes of a product or a service that ultimately decide higher or lower sales and also help in creating an image of the company. There is quite a gap between what organizations think about quality and how customers perceive presence or absence of quality in a product or service. It is a fact that consumers buy a product or service not because quality is present but they will not buy a product if quality is absent. Quality creates value for the product in the eyes of the consumers. Thus quality and value are two distinct attributes and their differences need to be highlighted to enable companies come up with better and improved products that have both quality and value. If we were to differentiate between quality and value, we would be surprised to find that it is customer who defines value of a product by making an analysis of the performance of the product relative to it's cost. On the other hand, quality of a product is always in the hands of the organization and it depends upon the ability of a company to provide a product that gives a performance that customer is seeking. If organizations pay attention to the complex equation of performance vs. cost, they would find that they are able to create value for the product. Company’s need to ensure that customer value is their primary objective and in this endeavor, honest feedbacks from end consumers play a great role in enabling company’s know what consumers really want. If a company is unaware of what constitutes as value to consumers, it will unnecessarily engage in exercises that may have nothing to do with customer satisfaction and increase the cost of the product."

RESEARCH | 2019: Data Vs. Information : Defining Data Quality and Value / What is Data Value and Should it be Viewed as a Corporate Asset?

RESEARCH | 2020: Information Overload in a Digital World

Book | 2020: Influencer Marketing for Brands: What YouTube and Instagram Can Teach You - Por Aron Levin -. We live in a world where everything is getting more complex, where it’s impossible to keep up with all the information that is available. What we really need is synthesized wisdom, not additional information overload: How can we create this effectively?


Since the breakthrough advances in science, technology, and philosophy—including cybernetics, bio-engineering, nanotechnology, machine intelligence, synthetic biology or transhumanism — We have created Dystopian Cityscapes - vulnerabilities , not only the conditions that allow animal viruses to cross over into human populations, but also mind game-changes to everything you have ever known about spiritual warfare and disrupted ecossystems - From the tactile mirror to the virtual body, It's scalability and territoriality origins are being monopolized on money and measured by uneven interests of power - through the appropriation of privacy and vigilance - mapping territories from packages to people : the medium cloud, social movements (power of transmission and repetition of the message) mobile, Big Data and IoT are Transforming Physical Security in the Digital Age, explore the major technological forces currently driving to digital disruption. Citizens are not clients or customers , rather have human rights (democratic citizenship) . Besides the Economic / financial market, Social, Health, Environmental framing, The COVID-19 crisis is a chance to do capitalism differently .

- This is a problem. If you don't know how something works, how can you begin to fix it? -

Research data to make progress against the world’s largest problems :
Today data science / data storytelling determines the ads we see online, the books and movies that are recommended to us , which emails are filtered into our spam folders, and even how much we pay for health insurance. Organizations gather, store, and process data : use it to improves decision making through the analysis of data. In the future The fundamental issues involving the re-engineer value of data will become persistently questioned , not only in terms of security : “Who owns the data and has intellectual property rights on it” ? " What is economic value and who creates it ? " - Data is a set of values of qualitative or quantitative variables about one or more persons or objects. Related to validity, data consistency - The value of data uses can be analysed in different perspectives: that of an individual, corporations and government [ such as Business Agility; Customer Satisfaction; Employee Morale ]. "Individuals trade their private data in the digital economy for more tailored choices - goods and services, free applications and software, but don’t reap any monetary benefits from this exercise. Company’s Platform and data-aggregators capitalize on individual data by selling to advertisement networks and marketers looking to target specific segments, influence buyer behaviour and make dynamic pricing decisions. Governments are increasingly becoming data savvy and leveraging open data for improving quality of life of its citizens by better design and targeting of welfare schemes, data driven policies, and improving participative governance".

Good-quality data has several beneficial impacts on organizations: Decision making; Compliance; Productivity; Decision making; Marketing

Negative impacts of poor-quality data can include: Consequences - Undermining confidence; Missed opportunities; Lost revenue; Reputational damage. Causes: Bottlenecks in decision making ; Lack of accountability and ownership ; Unresponsive planning and budgeting ; Information hoarding and secrecy ; Meeting and email overload ; Siloed functions and teams ; Obsession with short-term results ; Inability to attract and retain top talent;

LEARNED LESSON | 2020: INTO THE PROBLEM: DECODING BROKEN CODE in the TV drama Mr. Robot that speaks to this journey, when Rami Malek’s character Elliot Alderson, a cybersecurity engineer, says, “Most coders think debugging software is about fixing a mistake, but that’s bullshit. Debugging is actually all about finding the bug, about understanding why the bug was there to begin with, about knowing that its existence was no accident.”


Photo Footnote: Rami Malek as Elliot Alderson in Mr. Robot. Gif via

RESEARCH | 2020: Good decisions on bad data are just bad decisions that the business hasn’t made yet

Everyone is talking about value and no one seams to understand it especially in a world of constant change and economic/ cultural / social transitions. I can't be sure if value is subjective according to the business model that no one wants to be known and everyone is repeating - selling concepts as if they were original and actually believing in it blindly. I see Value as a consequence of continuity flow, not a short-scale projects plan state of art. Priorities change depending on a customer’s context. Taking this context into account before you think of a value proposition for that customer is crucial. .Value propositions and business models are always designed in a context. So being aware of this inconsistency can discover Ethic problems ( consciousness), when I notice someone is hiding the bad parts with quick solutions, I presume it can only cause a bigger structured problem - essential due to the fact that a responsible worker likes to be part of a project that brings prosper competence - to be taken serious. There is no doubt that this will determine and reveal the real life cycle of the project - Above all , put any doubtful percentage of risk and strategy apart from the forward trust towards other active competitors.

Conflicts at work are as inevitable as they are frustrating -  first and foremost , it depends on our capacity to read and understand a conflict situation , after moments to pause and reflect / situations are then matched by a mindset that is most appropriate tackled . Often times, agents involved in a situation are unaware of how they are blinded by the emotions - misreading or using the wrong strategy could trigger things worse. Conflicts and the capacity to overcome frustrations on communication skills are actually a very healthy and efficient tool for trust and bond creation . If you detect them early, admit them, confront them, openly talk about them, and learn from them. Sometimes there is confusion between healthy conflicts with a poisonous environment. Some people just like to create conflicts out of nothing just to be the center of attention / to rip-off .

"Trouble is an interesting word. It derives from a thirteenth-century French verb meaning “to stir up,” “to make cloudy,” “to disturb.” We—all of us on Terra—live in disturbing times, mixed-up times, troubling and turbid times. The task is to become capable, with each other in all of our bumptious kinds, of response. Mixed-up times are overflowing with both pain and joy—with vastly unjust patterns of pain and joy, with unnecessary killing of ongoingness but also with necessary resurgence. The task is to make kin in lines of inventive connection as a practice of learning to live and die well with each other in a thick present. Our task is to make trouble, to stir up potent response to devastating events, as well as to settle troubled waters and rebuild quiet places. In urgent times, many of us are tempted to address trouble in terms of making an imagined future safe, of stopping something from happening that looms in the future, of clearing away the present and the past in order to make futures for coming generations. Staying with the trouble does not require such a relationship to times called the future. In fact, staying with the trouble requires learning to be truly present, not as a vanishing pivot between awful or edenic pasts and apocalyptic or salvific futures, but as mortal critters entwined in myriad unfinished configurations of places, times, matters, meanings." ~ Donna Haraway "Introduction" to "Staying with the Trouble" (2016)

RESEARCH | 2020: Ethical complexities rule in the age of big data - examining the data – provide insights that help to proactively identify issues.

This is why I believe it's a bad choice to underestimate a worker point of view , while it could bring the project onto another level of success and understanding, on how it could fill the gaps - to make it better resistant throughout time . Time is an element of success in a world where technology knowledge and artificial intelligence accelerates everything connected in between and around. Everyone should have the right and freedom to speak without putting their position at risk if their opinion helps for the project why not listen and try to understand? Nevertheless, it's important for every team element to understand the life circle of the business plan so it doesn't contradict it's true values of the project . One must question constantly: "Is it a short, medium or long plan" ;" What are the true intentions behind concepts? ". I believe Team members should be informed of the true values so that their work adjust to the company values - equilibrium of knowledge -. If everyone works towards that , it's an easier process and the risk percentage will decrease . - Ethic and professional attitudes count and turn it into a win-win game. It identifies and gives true perspective to projects.

RESEARCH | 2020:: Communication in organizations is equivalent to the neural network in the human body. If there is a misfire, the organism becomes inefficient or even dysfunctional.

BOOKS | 2020: Symbiotic vs. Parasitic Innovation ‘Ecosystems’: in The entrepreneur state & The value of everything : making and taking of economy by Mariana Mazzucato.

Invention vs Innovation - Part II
Quality vs Value
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“I invented nothing new. I simply assembled the discoveries of other men behind whom were centuries of work. Had I worked fifty or ten or even five years before, I would have failed. So it is with every new thing. Progress happens when all the factors that make for it are ready, and then it is inevitable. To teach that a comparatively few men are responsible for the greatest forward steps of mankind is the worst sort of nonsense.” ― Henry Ford

Programming Languages

Future Perspectives

VIRTUAL MACHINE RESOURCES | 2021: A VM simulates a CPU along with a few other hardware components, allowing it to perform arithmetic, read and write to memory, and interact with I/O devices, just like a physical computer. Requires a moderately powerful laptop that supports hardware virtualization - SharePoint solutions, to work on multiple programming languages, libraries and operating system features to support multiple projects. Most importantly, it can understand a machine language which you can use to program it.

///////////////////////// PROGRAMMING | LEARNED LESSON 2020 : How to use service workers in progressive web apps

///////////////////////// SECURITY RESOURCES 2020 | Report and analyse breaking cybersecurity and privacy stories.

HARDWARE RESOURCES | 2021 :Apple reportedly working on a 32-core processor for high-end Macs 

Resources on WebGPU vs Pixel Streaming | 2021 : " Two completely new technologies to develop modern graphics-focused software are on the rise. " WebGPU is the successor to WebGL and offers remarkable performance improvements. However, pixel streaming  (or render streaming or remote rendering) makes it possible to stream the audio-visual output of a hosted cloud software to the client. The client does not need expensive hardware — only a good internet connection - so it goes in a completely different direction and is actively used by the gaming industry."

CULTURESPORT | 2021: is an animated science fiction web series set inside a sprawling fictional universe—the result of intensive and ongoing collaboration between artists, designers, musicians, actors, dancers, brands, and CULTURESPORT’s in-house creative team.

STREAMING | 2020: Streaming Wars - A Tale Of Creative Destruction . In the battles over consumer attention and subscription dollars, content, and talent, each new-to-market service has its own strengths and weaknesses.

OPINION | 2020: Choose technology and Adapt Business Transformation Wisely 

RESEARCH | UPDATE 2020 : The 10 most innovative virtual and augmented reality companies of 2020

ARTICLE | 2020: How does photogrammetry work? 3D content creation made easy.

RESEARCH | 2020 : UPDATE of Feb 21, 2020: Is virtual reality the next channel for digital marketers?

ARTICLE | 2020: Is Augmented Reality the future of contact-free shopping?

RESEARCH UPDATE | Feb 19, 2020 : What AI still can’t do: Artificial intelligence won’t be very smart if computers don’t grasp cause and effect. That’s something even humans have trouble with.

AR/VR CONFERENCE EXPO | 2020: RESOURCES AWE covers Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) and all enabling emerging technologies (ex. Artificial Intelligence (AI), haptics, 5G

LEARN COLLECTION | 2020 - In this episode of AI Adventures, Yufeng Guo uses AutoML Vision to build and employ a machine learning model that recognizes different types of….chairs

LEARN COLLECTION | 2020 - The 7 Steps of Machine Learning / TensorFlow Playground

Teamwork Skills & Project Management:

“Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them.”

AUDIOVISUAL | ARTICLE 2020: HBO Max Is a Mess - muddled mix of confusing brand identities
ARTICLE | 2020: The Efficiency and Costs: License Fees vs. the Total Cost of Ownership

Readings | 2020 : Ethical complexities rule in the age of big data - examining the data – provide insights that help to proactively identify issues.

OPINION | 2020: Where Are We in 'The Cycle'? - viewed through a business-cycle -


" High personal accountability:

1. Drive for Results. Sometimes in organizations, it is really hard to focus. When we are sending multiple messages about what is critical and what others are accountable for, accountability dissipates. If you want people to be responsible, then you must clearly define the results that you want them to deliver, and let them have a fair amount of control on how they deliver those results.

2. Honesty and Integrity. When your boss asks in a company meeting, “how’s that project coming?” do you honestly reply, “we are really behind” or “pretty good?” Those who are accountable have the courage to tell the truth. This courage is often reinforced because people see their managers being open and direct with them.

3. Trust. We did some research on a set of leaders who were not trusted and found their employees had the following issues: I am not confident that my efforts will be rewarded PROMOTED I suspect the leader may take advantage of me I constantly question the leader’s motives I am sure they will take credit for my accomplishments These are not factors that will build accountability. In contrast, the three pillars that build trust are positive relationships, knowledge, and consistency of leaders.

4. Clear Vision and Direction. There is an old Chinese proverb that explains this issue well: “The hunter that chases two rabbits catches neither one.” In organizations, people are often chasing multiple rabbits and they don’t catch any of them. How can you expect people to be accountable if they aren’t absolutely clear about the organization’s vision for where they’re going and what needs to be accomplished? Clearly, you can’t.

5. Problem Solving and Technical Expertise. It is impossible to feel accountable when a person is confused and doesn’t know how things work. Teach your people the skills and give them the training they need, and make absolutely sure they know how to do the job you expect.

6. Communication. When a leader can effectively communicate, others can understand what they are accountable for. This requires being able to tell, ask, and listen to others.

7. Ability to Change. We found that people who are really good at creating change in an organization had employees who are operating at higher levels of accountability. Leaders who are good at instituting change are effective at the following behaviors: accepting feedback, taking on challenges, innovating, spreading optimism, showing concern, and setting clear goals.

8. Collaboration and Resolving Conflict. Collaboration is a difficult skill to achieve in an organization. Are you cooperating or competing with others in your group? Peter Blow at Columbia University did a series of studies on this issue that showed that teams who collaborate and are cooperative are far more successful than those who compete. Cooperation breeds accountability. On the long personal and organizational “to do” list, accountability should be at the top of the list. If you see a fatal flaw in yourself or your current leaders on any of these eight points, you should address it immediately. In fact, the single greatest way to leverage accountability is to pick a few of these key behaviors to work on yourself. Why? The research is clear on this issue: great accountability in the organization begins with you."




AUDIO | 2020 : Over 280 Free Sound Effects for Videos, Apps, Films, and Games

AUDIO | 2020 : How Virtual Surround Sound Works


TOOLS | 2020: Iconik – Hybrid Cloud Media Management allow video editors and content broadcasters to work together in harmony, bringing a level of congruent files and assets within the company and with partners all around the world. Iconik integrates with Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop and soon, Final Cut Pro X. Use AI to auto-tag and transcribe your media. Save time and add data to your library ( search for objects, themes or spoken phrases ) with a single click .

TOOLS | 2020: Customers are archiving media assets in Backblaze B2, from long-running television productions, media distributors, AR/VR video creators, corporate video producers, houses of worship emptying their closets of USB hard drives clearing off RAID arrays, and migrating LTO tapes to cloud storage. 

RESOURCES : Community for the Post Production and Production Industries: Latest Workstations (Lenovo Perspective)

POWER SUPPLY TOOLS : 12 Best Power Supply For Gaming PC And 4K Video Editing

TOOLS | 2020: OuterVision® Power Supply Calculator

VIDEO NETWORK | 2020: Minimum System Requirements To start editing video : What type of footage will you be editing: R3D, CinemaDNG, ProRes, XAVC S, mp4? ; How complex are your projects: single shot, single camera, multi-camera, animation, VFX? ; What are your output formats? ; How long do you have to deliver your edits? ; Finally, are you editing online or offline?

BOOKS | 2020: The History Of Gaming: An Evolving Community


RESOURCES FREELANCER : Find freelancer services, projects for your business

Tools Cloud | 2020 : High-performance GPUs on Google Cloud for machine learning, scientific computing, and 3D visualization.

GPU processors exceed the data processing speed of conventional CPUs by 100-200 times. Example of Servers with a GPU for deep machine learning : Kubernetes based GPU cloud More cost effective Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti.


Motion Tricks

Handy Tools to examine WebSocket traffic : • Google Chrome Developer Tools: a set of HTML5 applications that ships with Chrome and allows you to inspect, debug, and optimize Web applications • Google Chrome Network Internals (or “net-internals”): a set of tools that allows you to inspect network behavior including DNS lookups, SPDY, HTTP caching, as well as WebSocket • Wireshark: enables you to analyze network protocol traffic.

Insights on Encryption and Why we need Cybersecurity?

There are also various privacy and anonymity technologies you might be interested to protect your data and online identify - it may not be as popular , but are viable alternatives if you want to lower your risk of exposure to surveillance: • DuckDuckGo : search engine whose business model does not revolve around tracking its users. ProtonMail is an email service whose business model does not depend on mining users’ data; rather it uses client-side encryption to protect email content and user data. Ello - an ad-free alternative to existing social networks. There are browser plugins that you can install to monitor and block sites that track you as you browse the Internet : TrackMeNot, Disconnect, Privacy Badger, Ghostery, and others. The best tool available today to protect your anonymity when browsing the internet is the Tor browser. In fact, when combined with a reliable VPN service (Tor over VPN), it offers a double dose of anonymity and privacy.

TOOLKIT | 2020: DATA STORY TELLING | 2020 : Research and data to make progress against the world’s largest problems / data storytelling

The RedMonk Programming Language Rankings | June 2020

BOOKS | 2020: Download Programming Books


# INSIGHTS ON LIVE CODING | Feb 2021 *UPDATE : Programming languages used to simulate spatial computing - visual surround sound HRTF , using software/hardware tools

# INSIGHTS ON DATA Vs. INFORMATION | May 2020 : Defining Data Quality and Value / What is Data Value ? - Insight on Ethical and societal implications of algorithms, data, and artificial intelligence: a roadmap.

# INSIGHTS ON THE ROAD TO CREATE VALUE | March 2020 : "What I cannot create I do not Understand ."

"Where to begin? Why am I doing this? What's my end goal?" - Begin - Learn - Improve - Persist - . People - who like to learn, share and chalange themselves - normally seek knowledge even through bad experiences and error, and embrace failures as an opportunity to restructure or rethink . When the Nobel Physicist Richard Feynman wrote on his blackboard, he was reminding himself and his students that, unless you can take a concept or a theory apart , so you can understand each individual step, you did not truly understand it. Every step to get to the solution is valid , even error. Through failure and discontruction, you understand how it behaves - while you discover a solid framework and a set of techniques to accomplishing it . The process reaveals always a new path and enables the improvement of understanding. Many errors have lead creators to new solutions . The way how to think of a problem; the language chosen to talk about it - the benefits of sharing models with users; and how to organize software and follow a path determines object life-cycle management ; logical and physical application structuring; Most of the time, we're incapable of comprehending certain knowledge until we've endured them firsthand. Knowing what one needs to know in order to make honest decisions for the good of all, rather than corrupt decisions for the good of the few and Redifining the value , is not just about profit maximization issues - both tangible and intangible investments , but sustainable growth ( the measure of Value Creation vs. Revenue Extraction);

# INSIGHTS | 2020 :

Image: Beyond Creative Team in Business Plan / Marketing Workshop 2016

Everyone is a reflection of their own Journey, story and struggles - personal choices or differences / Culture and learning pathways. There's always a road to ensure that in the process of creating a project, the elements of your team can grow from a human and professional point of view. // -- PART I -- Working with Teams | Accountability & Responsibilities:
In Multitasking coordination project / mechanisms - People tend to confuse Task with Process Management - these serve different business Problems. Having a good cross-section of team skills and Communication in teams is equivalent to the neural network in the human body - It works best when it's a two-way street. If there is a misfire, the organism becomes inefficient , chaotic or even dysfunctional. More than persuading team to accept their point of view in all situations, the modern manager should open up to different views on products, strategies or even internal administrative issues of the company, otherwise it will be more difficult to learn something, live together as a team and even improve their own performance. // -- PART II -- Choose technology wisely: Invention vs Innovation and Quality vs Value. Design Interaction and Digital technologies present both opportunities and challenges system to improve its performance . Flexibility inherently implies scale, as well - adaptable to the size and scope of the business. I consider Task Context / Design Thinking, to Improve Programmer Productivity; Creating a structured architecture for the software and hardware, to respond Efficiently ; Sharing Resources to Employees for the development of project ecosystem to minimize risk - with SMART criteria: for Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound; Learn From Others & Measure your goals; Redifining Questions to create solutions : " How can you guarantee software quality?" ; "how can my product/service help? "; "Why some digital innovations and experiences engage us deeply and spread widely, and why others do not ?".

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RESEARCH AR/VR JOURNEY| 2020: “Designing for VR should not mean transferring 2D practices to 3D, but finding a new paradigm.”

ARTICLE | 2020 : Apple is rumored have a secret team of hundreds of employees working on virtual and augmented reality projects.

In the early 1980s, home computing was booming around the world, as millions of people bought their very first machine from Commodore, Sinclair, Oric, Acorn or Atari. The curiosity in creating with technology or digital arts has been part of my life since then. The main reason why I chose training in creative areas was to integrate science and arts. Also, one of the reasons why I refocused on my interest in programming was because traditional creative media company’s business strategies have been struggling to stay competitive in today's media, unable to invest on new models due to it's resistance for change, incapable of talent retention and lack of income investment requirements. The Consequences are more than visable now: Consumers have been canceling their pay-TV subscriptions in favor of internet-delivered alternatives — since 2011 - I recommend you to read the following book: The Netfix Effect" <----click to see video

FOOTNOTE: STREAMING SHAKEOUT REPORT | 2020: A massive media shakeout is on the horizon — The war for streaming video has officially begun.

ARTICLE | 2020 : Apple TV+ to offer augmented reality content as bonus. Some new iPhones will include Lidar 3-D scanners used in the latest iPad Pro, making AR apps quicker to load and giving them a better sense of their environment.

DESIGN IOT | Galaxy Watch Studio

DOCUMENTATION | 2021 Collect data in AR

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