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Hello, My name is Ana Philipa -__I'M AN IT SYSTEMS ADVENTURER AND TECHNOLOGY EXPLORER___- A fan of programming languages , my universe results from the crossing of different code languages and tools - Exploring editing techniques _ sound-visual objects / experimental electro-acoustics _ ; interacting information technology with creative code. So, I maintain an up-to-date Software and Hardware environment by tracking upgrades. I participated in some hardware/Software projects; experienced working at a TV production company. I'm never tired of learning - opened to new challenges out of my confort zone. Passionate about technology and stories that deconstruct problems into solutions - I consider problem solving through a computer science vision, structural refreshing .

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I'm a Software Developer and Audiovisual Technician , handling technological systems with interactive environments. You can see me fullfield when creating products in the IT fields, that have a clear artistic and creative vision or even business software tool support , such as applications and Web services that improve and automate the Integrity Lifecycle workflow scalability. On my hobbies I'm a Tennis Table Player; Sound Landscapes creator, Personal Travel Videography & poetry – Sketching Pc Interactive tools.

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—> Turn coffee into Media Content and code :

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I can develop technical and creative skills in Video Editing and Post-Production ; audit and build personalized workstations depending on the project requirements, business value proposition / budget. A self-starter, capable of coming up with new creative ideas in order to solve problems. Intuitive, I spot an opportunity or something that needs improvement. Make a plan and carry it out through Pipeline solutions to ensure project success, safety, usability and reliability with the help of functional creative frameworks /tools using video, text and sound content.

While training programming skills, I've created simple framework ( data visualization) for effective team collaboration on products. Due to the transformative challenges, technicians/technologists face even more growing demands for professional accountability that require working In Agile Workflows - developing code in modular/packageable ways; unit tests; knowing what CICD pipelines are; As a result of struggling in unconvencional training environments, I realized how important it is to Identify Knowledge sharing , Monitoring Data Analytics - A/B Testing - and Project Management, using appropriate computational tools and furthermore creating the original tools to improve and respond to each project needs. Visual Knowledge Modeling for Web Technologies and data analysis , give me an adrenaline rush as much as it helps the team understand each person's work process - to stay productive and in tune for the challenging projects.

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Future Perspectives

The past years, there has been an explosion of interest for VR and AR technologies. We witness it on social media and Online VR Events . It’s also no surprise that AR after QR code has arrived on the web and this gives designers some important new areas to consider for content creation. Minimizing system latency is an important topic for the development of media and multi-modal Virtual Environments (VE) , that support  abstract and flexible, yet real-time capable interfaces for device data handling and versatile application support mechanisms such as binaural acoustics. Human perception thresholds have to be met in order to create immersive environments with a high degree of equilibrium and reality. The system latency has to be in the range of milliseconds, indicating the need for fast interfaces and low system overhead. With new technology, of course, comes new skills. Just recently movies have switched from 3D to 4DX. The ability to display ideas in 3D images is the future when talking of new media. The value attached to trying new products like VR/Augmented Reality will create a new market on Social Media. There is a need to be prepared for the new markets that will open up shaping the future. Therefore, businesses should be ready to link up technology towards achieving their sales goals.

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I find the greatest freedom in the structure of form that paradoxes abnormality within a norm. I do not focus on specific technologies as I adopt on what is most appropriate in each situation. Open minded, on how the systems work - I've developed techniques that increase my perspectives on how I see the world network. While I Keep up to date on new technology and digital media (Vr/AR) and research on what are the next developments in analytics, AI, Machine learning and automation, Computer Vision or Knowledge Representation /DBMS DATABASE. Transiting well between strategy/logic and abstract/creative design thinking: I explore the potential of editing softwares; SKetching creative ideas and Using different software platforms. I also enjoy helping people, sharing experience with all those who are starting out, willing to collaborate more with the IT community as much as I can.

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